Abuja Men Urged Women To Stop Eyebrows Carving Because It Makes Them Look Unattractive


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July 5, 2017 – Abuja Men Warn Women Against Eyebrows Carving Because It Makes Them Unattractive

Concerned men in Abuja today expressed displeasure at women’s distortion of their eyebrows from their natural shape, saying that it makes them to look older, artificial, weird and unattractive.

The men said that the fashion trend should be discouraged.

It is now trendy for women to shape, trim, shave or carve their eyebrows.

The various styles include feather, barbwire and dragon.

Mr Denis Chijoke, a civil servant, said that he found the distortion repulsive, especially when done by girls.

“ I don’t know where these girls got this beauty tip from, and I wonder why they quickly embrace any trend, not minding if it fits them or not.

“`Some of the shapes on their faces look very repulsive and make them to look older,’’ he said.

Similarly, Mr Idris Danjuma, a resident of FCT, said that carving of eyebrows makes ladies to look unreal.

“The manner with which some of these ladies draw their brows makes them to look ridiculous, rather than beautiful,’’ he said.

He said that the trend was alien, and appealed to women to stop the distortion and embrace fashion trends that were Nigerian and natural.

A hairdresser, Mr Isaac Daniel, however, said that the fashion trend had become popular among women of different ages, social classes and religions.

“This trend has been embraced by most women to the extent that you rarely find ladies who do not carve their brows.

“It makes some women to look glamorous,’’ he said.

A makeup artist, Miss Esther Seriki, said that she had much patronage from ladies.

Seriki said she also trained women in eyebrow carving.

“There are different types of brow carving, which I teach my students as well as do for customers. It depends on their occasions, facial structure and their specifications,’’ Seriki said.

According to her, she realises more than N100,000 monthly from the business, which she said had been able to support her post graduate education.

She advised unemployed persons to empower themselves with skills that would enable them to generate revenue.

A banker, Miss Bola Ayomide, said trimming her brow gave her a better and cleaner look.

According to her, some eyebrows are bushy.

“I am used to trimming and carving my brows rather than leave them full and untidy; this enhances my looks,’’ Ayomide said.

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