Actor Ibrahim Chatta: Why I Divorced My Ex-Wife “She Slapped Me For Dating Another Woman”

Ibrahim Chatta divorced

Jan 15, 2013 – Newly Married Actor Ibrahim Chatta: Why I Divorced My Ex-Wife “She Slapped Me For Dating Another Woman”

Newly married Nigerian actor, director and movie producer, Ibrahim Chatta has finally revealed why he left his first marriage.

Contrary to reports making round that he battered his former wife, the actor who debunked the rumour claimed the only day he ever hit her was the day she slapped him for dating another woman.

Ibrahim Chatta claimed his ex-wife has a nonchalant attitude towards him and that’s why he was forced to date another woman who helped him at home.

Hear Ibrahim in his own words below:

I didn’t batter my ex-wife contrary to what people think,” he insisted. “The only time I hit her was the day she slapped me for dating another woman. We were not married. We dated and we had a baby. The mother of my child never stayed at home whenever I away for movie roles. She was always away and because of her attitude I started dating other women who helped me at home. She was misbehaving so I had to let her go.

“I couldn’t condone her indecent dressing. We were not married but that does not give her the right to misbehave. The mistake I made was to feature her in my movie. The result was that she wouldn’t come home for months. I was the one taking care of our child. Is that a woman to marry? I dumped her because I could no longer cope with her.”

In December 2012, the talented actor married ex-Kwara Gov. Lafiaji’s daughter in a traditional setting. See Ibrahim Chatta’s new wife

35 thoughts on “Actor Ibrahim Chatta: Why I Divorced My Ex-Wife “She Slapped Me For Dating Another Woman”

  1. Why are you staying in thesame house with a woman you did not married ?you people will violate Gods commandment and think you will go free.”he that break the law the law will break “you actors and actresses ,it is time you check your life are only using your profession to minister to people while your real life is worthless morally.Many of you will regret at old age if you did not mend your way of life now ,especial your family life.marriage today divorce tommorow that is not Africa culture,good day

    • am not happy at all…………..
      I mean at what All these actors and actresses are doing.They produce movies to teach people what is right and what is not right.AND THEY ARE THE ONES WE SEE IN THE WRONG BEHAVIOURS,and they think almighty Allah will not querry them.
      PLS change,ohun tioda ko l’oruko meji

  2. @ henry, tru talk, dis is gettin too much of our artise nowadays pls change for better cuz wht ure ministry into lives out there is not show forth as an example in your lif. gudday

  3. Its so funny that you got kids without marriage… By the way how many kids do you have ? Well, pray towards your newly married,because you guys are found of pretty ladys and after having her life miserable , then you call for divorce again …be your self man.. Life is too short

  4. Please take care of your son from her so that you will not be creating the third victim just like you and your ex. just be very carefull as all women are the same except for their orientation. you,dabor and funke akindele are my favourate. Tread lightly the ground can be slipery.

  5. But i think u are a true muslim, living in the same house wit a lady u did not marry even had a child 4 u is unfair. U no what islam says about what u ve done u better take care of dat one cos pple will count it 4 u. U are my favourite actor gud luck.

  6. d way i like ur acting u f**k up, that is not an eck for u no matter what ur wife do, ur wife not girlfred u said bcos she slap u, u hv it in mind to divorced her don,t said bcos of that , don’t hv misunder but miss that why gday.

    • dis guy is a complete liar. he got married to my friend Olayinka Solomon, he even did a nikkai with her now he is now faking up stories. he always beat my friend every time and bring different kind of girls home and even tell my friend to cook for them. so he brought a lady home and told my friend to go and cook for them so my friend refused he then slapped her and my friend retaliated. when my friend was in Ibrahim’s house she always cover her head she has never been caught wearing wat is not right. The person talking has not been taking responsibilities of the chi8ld since my friend left his house. he didnt send my friend away, my friend left on her own when the beating was too much.

      • Hormorinsolah ma sister, am short of words after reading yur comment, i will say mayb d guy got married to her at first cos she is Ganiu Olanrewaju Solomons fam, so if e would be able to get a ministerial appointment but unfortunately he couldnt, now e married an ex-governors daughter and at the end e will endup leaving her to cookup another story. E his a Muslim, e knows about islam and i am aware e did Nikai wif Mariam. Life is so funny, this pple are suppose to impact knowledge on us but they are bad leaders wif bad examples, e his ma favourite actor but i am so much disappointed. May the lord bless yur relationship if that is what yu so much desire and as for your Ex, i pray to God to grant her heart desire. Bless u all

  7. You have made a great mistake bcos what u did is completely out of islam. Pray 4 Allah 4giveness. Másalam.

  8. ibrahim, if dis is tru i am highly disappointed in u. I do not know dat u too is one of them. Wat exactly are u people teaching us? Are u really a man enough? We need to hear wat ur so called ex-wife has to say before we can judge u ppl.

    • yes ooo shobis, he is a complete liar and a womanizer. he has left with all Olayinka’s friends(ex-wife), still my friend will still plead and moreover he did a nikkai on their son’s naming ceremony. i dont know why he is lieing

  9. d prophet make a statement wn making a sermon ,says, dat follow my sermon but not my attitude,u make it clear 2me now,4ur act, if u ar a woman u will do beyond dat dat’s a gudwife coz she luv u,[osha jen pe meji kodenu obinrin]u better seek 4 her 4givness 4u 2c d mercy of ‘allah’ if she is makin a concubine hw u would u feel,

  10. U are finding an excuse to send her away, u said she slapped u. Couple do fight each other and settle it. what if the new wife slap u, u will go ahead and marry another wife. Marriage is tolerance. Becareful.

  11. am highly disappionted in u.u r fake what r u teaching us in ur film.o ju gba mi ti fun ee o

  12. ori bibe koni ogun ori fifo,ko si obinrin ti ko ku sibikan,eyan ma nmu mora ni,ki omo eyan le ni alubarika,imoran mi fun e nipe ki o gba iyawo re pada,tori omo re abi o mo nkan ti omo ye ma da lojo iwaju,iba da ki o pari ija na patapata,ki o si gba pada.

  13. it’s something so surprising. why do you people give even information.u are the one giving instruction and u still didn’t abide. we thought u are good one in films the way u act not knowing u are bad. what gives u the assurance the new wife won’t slap u. and if she slap u will still divorce. u are only giving unaccepted excuses to back up ur bad deeds. what u’ve done was bad and try to seek for forgiveness.

  14. Nawa for u and u do acted lıke a responsible man wıch ure not ure such a wıcked man so ure jst a pretender may God forgive u because u hav make a covenant which u dont fulfilled………….

  15. dnt mind her,pls just take care of ur son….Mr Chatta go nd luk 4 ur desire,soul heart,find them,choose ur choice. Mr Chatta’s very nice 100% beleivable.

  16. Dat ur wife nt ur soul-heart,dat’s God deal,so just take-care of ur child.Mr Chatta Find ur precious 1,desire………..nice man

  17. If that is true……. man!!!! that shows u know wat u are doing…..U are mouthed …. kip it up……Ekubelosun

  18. Nawa o, awa incoming actor and actress tanbo gan e tin dawa lopolo ru bcause why all the actor and actress have a marriage problem may God help us o.

  19. Judge no one, s you shall not be judge on the day of judgement. Please let each and everyone of us check our self. We are all human and we are tends to make blunders. What we preach does not always says whom we are. Mr Ibrahim, may the good God help us all. Advise of the day: Let us all do what Allah be please with.

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