Actor IK Ogbonna: “I Inherited Baldness From My Father”

ik ogbonna bald head

December 22, 2013 – Nigerian Actor IK Ogbonna: “I Inherited Bald Head From My Dad”

In a recent interview, Nollywood actor and model IK Ogbonna spoke up on why keeps his head shaved always.

The ladies man also touched based on other aspect of his life.

Check out what he told Ademola Olonilua earlier this week:

Interviewer: How come a young man like you is bald?

IK Ogbonna: Nature, hereditary traits, I am bald thanks to my Dad and I am proud of it. The only challenge I face is how to maintain it.

On his sexuality, IK said:

As stated earlier, my metro sexual look has put me in a zone where I am approached by both sexes but I am straight and I do not compromise.”

9 thoughts on “Actor IK Ogbonna: “I Inherited Baldness From My Father”

  1. Bald guys usually look good at young age when they grow up, their ugly side comes to play. Enjoy your bald look while you can a time is coming when you go turn papa ajasco

    • so what is ur problem..he said he is straight…a gay would proudly say he is(though overseas)but will decline to talk about it if true(naija factor)so accept his factual statement till he proves otherwise.

  2. He is not gay, he said it, so close your mouth,you can call someone gay from is looks, afterall he didnt do like a woman,to think oder wise,he is a man looks dress like a man, he just happen to have big sexy eyes, God give him, he didnt buy it in market,so close your mouth,b4 you give him bad name. a gay men will say is gay, afterall he can relocate back to oversea where they are free to doo all satan things,no in naija or africa is not our tradition back to satan.but those we see on tv and steet men dress or do like women or women dress like a man and do like a man,that where i have problem with, so ones we can call them gay, but not any good looking black man, my husband is dam good looking then men i cant marry uylg man, sexy from head to toes but he is not gay,and all our children are sexy good looking like their father, i pray none of my children be a gay , even my enemy children i dont pray they have anything to do with gay,in my family or my enemy family. God that create Adam and Eve, Adamu and Hauwa know what is doing, if not God could have ctreate 2 adams or 2 eve, is a sin in christianity , Islam and our africa tradition. so back to satan world not in my own family, but i cant kill any gay person, cos i dont give life and i cant take it, we need to just close them in 1 hospital treat them and pray for them to be free from this satan way that all.

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