Actor Olu Jacobs’ iPad Stolen At Movie Location In Owerri, Imo State

olu jacobs ipad stolen

June 20, 2013 – Nigerian Actor Olu Jacobs’ Apple iPad Stolen At Movie Location In Owerri, Imo State

Veteran Nollywood actors Olu Jacobs is yet to unravel the mystery behind the sudden disappearance of his Apple iPad from a movie location in Owerri, Imo State.
As we speak his stolen iPad has not been found.

The actor we learnt brought the iPad to the movie location in an effort to use it, but while taking part on the movie set of Rich-Rock Production, he was surprised that the iPad suddenly went missing from where he left it.

All his efforts to find the expensive gadget proved abortive.

While speaking with a colleague, Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeonu, Olu Jacobs said he is yet to believe that his iPad could be stolen by an unknown individual just like that.

Who could have done this to such an innocent man?

13 thoughts on “Actor Olu Jacobs’ iPad Stolen At Movie Location In Owerri, Imo State

  1. Wow! that’s bad though, even the thought of knowing the culprit is one of those working with you is quite disheartening. It certainly couldn’t have been an outsider. It goes to show ow much you should trust no-one. Sorry about that Sir Jacobs, its one of those things……..

  2. pple re wicked…imagine d poor man nd he has a lot of confidencial document inside….dat person wil nt go scort free I swear!

  3. Sir ,warn them with your grey hairs,let them return it on time if they want to grow old.IF they refuse contact Apple Customer relations with the serial no of the product,they ll disconnect it or do something,the store u purchased it could also be of help. apple customer service-1-800-676-2755 from usa 0r 009 1 800676 2755 from ng.The thief is around the elderly man in that location.

  4. So sowi abt sir,if nt 4d personal info u hv in dere,wuld hv adviced u 4get abt it cos u cn afford x10 of dt d way dis shuldn’t hv gone public bcos people lost tins better than dt ipad so its no news same sowi abt dt sir just get anoda 1 nxt tym ur goin on a shot drop it @home

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