Stella Damasus & Fiance, Daniel Ademinokan Open Code 55 Boutique In Abuja

daniel ademinokan code55

Jan 21, 2013 – Stella Damasus & Doris Simeon Ex-Husband, Daniel Ademinokan Open Code 55 Boutique In Abuja

When NaijaGists exclusively broke the news of the ongoing romance between sexy actress Stella Damasus and ex-husband of fellow actress Doris Simeon, Mr Daniel Ademinokan, critics said it is a lie.

Ok now, to confirm the ongoing serious relationship between the lovers, Stella Damasus revealed her engagement ring to us back in December.

As we speak, the secret lovers who care less about what others are thinking have moved their romance to yet another level.

Stella Damasus and Daniel Ademinokan have opened a classic boutique in Abuja.

code 55 boutique abuja

code 55 boutique stella

daniel ademinokan code 55 boutique

The boutique tagged code55 has a deep meaning.

Hear Daniel as he explains the meaning of code55 to us in his own words below.

“People say there is a mystery about me and they say the same thing about Stella. But trust me, may be you have to buy a decoder before you can decode who we are. For the 55, I was born 31 July and Stella is 24 April. If you add 31 and 24, you will get 55

Daniel Ademinokan has finally dumped his wife for Stella Damasus and you know what? we learnt the lovers might have tied the knot secretly.

Aunty Stella una well done o.

44 thoughts on “Stella Damasus & Fiance, Daniel Ademinokan Open Code 55 Boutique In Abuja

  1. He dumped is wife for stella,next he will dumped stella for another woman,a cheater remain a cheater,any way both of them are same cheater.

  2. All these stupid people, I don’t know what their problem is.. Must Stella go after Doris husband? All these people are full of shit. Stella Damascus Aboderin now want to be Stella Damascus Ademinokan, what a stupid woman! Husband snatcher

    • Really, they are full of shit. The only role model I have in that stupid industry is Madam Joke Silva. 98 percent of all these stupid actresses are nothing but shameless dogs…

  3. its a shame Stella could do this well another beautiful gal will also take him from you. daniel you are a fool to dumb a queen Doris for a tukunbo wido

  4. see the hungry looking guy self, now Stella don brush you to the extent of leaving your wife abi? @ Stella, I hold you at high esteem before and I will still do cos we women, sometimes we are funny and selfish when it comes to love but remember that ** the first cain he used to flog the first woman, that he will use on you** Don’t think you are beta cos by then him in question won’t care whose ox that will be gored!

  5. stella u are such a b***h nd a sl*t to 9ja industry;are u not ashame of urseif f***in all d 9ja guys’if ur p***y is itching look 4 a vibrator to ease urseif than takin a young lady to be ur sister husband l think u need a deliverance.old cow like u;and to that fool who call himseif daniel am so sorry 4 ur life daniel;i think u’re under p***y spell get a f*****g life nd think how 2 take care of ur son.stella u are a b***h sl** wh**e;am sure by d time u f**kin all d whole 9ja itseif ur pu**y will rest ashawo.shameless oid w**re

  6. why code 55;u could have name it code 666;so people will know two of are devil stupid oid fools;thunder will strike dat stupid shop of urs ;is better to open brothel or ashawo joint and name stella ademinokan hotel in ajegunle am sure dat stella is using charm to seduce all d men,can;t believe dat fool daniel is dating dat old whore and still showing off.

    • laugh out loud. una no go leave them alone ne? abeg let them give it a trial. am not supporting them though bcos i dont know much about the story but give thm a trial

    • Chi Eli, you are very right. By the time she’s through with that stupid Daniel, she will find another young guy. She’s a devil, just want to start destroying young guys out there, I think she’s possessed. She’s a stupid b***h. I love her before but now I ha** her more than shit. Had it been I am Doris and you old fool snatch my man, I bet it, Stella you would have been a dead meat. Nonsense

  7. You no see how she want look young too like this guy. Must you marry sef? anyway na you life. Don’t only kill Daniel.

  8. Stella husband snatcher so u N̶̲̥̅̊☺ anoda man marry again we u kon snatch my mentor husband ur a prostitute nd vry heartless by snatching doris husband he go soon dump u 2.

  9. Y???na wa o my pple,wot were dey tinkin?dt pple wil give dem kudos?stella shud ve gone elsewhere 2 do ds dan take a fellow hubby abi na ex hubby sef. Au r we so sure dt ds code sumtin will even last just d way her marriage wt 1 nzeribe didn’t last?o ga Ooooo nollywood pple.

  10. why is everybody opposing stella?she still young and beautiful and needs a man in her life,but i dont think doris’s husband is the best for her,well,i don’t want to judge anybody but every good wife should respect their husband and guide their home through prayer,as for those men who always dump their wives for their girl friends ,they will never go unpunished.

    • seun, i love you comment die including the full stop. stella, i can’t judge you neither do i know you. but one thing i know is that you are an adult that can decipher evil from good. i love you and i want you to know that. sometimes you do somethings in life and get away with it. fyn but your getting away successfully simply seems if you have done it the right way you would have been more happier. i wish you the best life can offer nd i also pray that the peace of God that transceeds all human understanding will be urs so that you will understand the reason you are here on earth, by this century. seun thnx for giving me this opportunity. your comment motivated my comment

  11. 9ja pple wat r ur problems do u pple knw hw it got 2 dis level? If rilli loved n took care of her home n sure dan won’t hav dumped her.stella is still very beautiful n young,so allow dem 2 enjoy n leave judgement 4 God.stella dear happy married life

  12. I think Daniel ll be her 3rd husband. Can anybody ask what really happened to those men she married? Daniel should go back to his beautiful wife less what happened to those men happen to him. She’s a blood sucker.

  13. Let us call a spade a spade.Her First meeting with the unlucky late guy was at Ojez Night Club.Omo onijo.While married to the guy she continue a lot of underground sex affairs with the big boys in the industry.What does a guy with that good background doing with a Night Club asshi.He slummped and died because of all this escapade.Immediately,she was free,and begins to dished out to everybody.Including,the gospel artist in surulere.From a duplex in Lekki to a BQ in surulere begging for an unending sex.The poor guy unknowly willed his Father inheritance to a hore.Later the Igbo man.The wise Igbo guy did not want to die like the first hubby,he called it quit.As she is fond of dishing it out without measure.Later KORO and etc.Pls,DAN you are to useful to your pple in Warri,pls dont die now.

  14. neva knew stella is a prostitue.she looks so cool in movies,her looks re rily deceving.dis marriage will definately nt last cos she made anoda woman cry.someday a woman will also make her cry.ashewo husband snatcher

  15. let them live their lives…una own dey una body, so stop the critics and judge less…@stella & daniel carry go joo.

  16. Stella pls am begging u in the name of our lord Jesus christ to live Doris Simeon husband for her,cos she is just like a younger sister to you.

  17. its daniel u can blame, cos he really luv her, dat wot appen to me, d guy am talking abt luvs me nd i knw dat too and i dnt knw how to reject him my own case is even worst

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