Actress Chika Ike As A Teenager (Instagram Pictures)

chika ike teenage pictures

June 06, 2013 – Actress Chika Ike As A Teenager (Instagram Photos)

Recently divorced Nollywood actress Chika Ika remembered her teenage years today.

The talented actress shared these photos via her social networking page few hours ago.

chika ike teenager pictures

Isn’t she just adorable in those good old days.

11 thoughts on “Actress Chika Ike As A Teenager (Instagram Pictures)

  1. so how does her teenager picture affect us.most times they will just post unneccessary things as if other us people didnt go thru teenage stage. To hell with u chika ike

  2. She looks better as a teenager cause she was not bleaching her skin then,unlike now that she is bleaching.I dont know what is wrong with naija girls and boys..always bleaching like their congolese counterparts.

  3. Nigerians learn 2 mind ur business,chika has not done anytin wrong 2 those of u who is insulting her.if u dnt lik her simply ignor the picture dat was posted.u don’t need to kill ur self.she is makin it nd back biters are still at her back.give her a break

  4. evry1 as a seasn 2 shine nd reign so let’s celebrate wt her bcz 2maro myt b ur turn k pals gud luk chika ike in ur wrks in nollywood nd b4 i 4get 9s teenage pics u got dre

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