Ebube Nwagbo Clocks 30 Today! Happy Birthday

ebube nwagbo birthday age

Feb 24, 2013 – Nigerian Actress Ebube Nwagbo Clocks 30 Today! Happy Birthday

Nollywood beauty queen Ebube Nwagbo has clocked 30 today.

When Was Ebube Nwagbo Born?

The actress who was born in Enugu on the 24th of February 1983 marked her birthday with friends and colleagues today.

Last year, the posh baby launched her own hairline, Posh Enterprises.

Wishing her many happy returns.

28 thoughts on “Ebube Nwagbo Clocks 30 Today! Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Bday my queen! You’re naturally endowed, sane lady, and astonishing beautiful. I wished I could fly to Nigeria and ask you to marry me. Love you and wish you all the best. Drop me a response here if you can.

    • Mr Elvizi or wht ever u are called, if u dnt hv sumtin gud 2say u beta shut ur mouth up.wht is ur biz wit her age instant of u 2 thank God 4her lyf u are here talking of nt marry @ 30 why dnt u go and marry her if dat1 is bothering, dnt u kwn dat God’stime is the best.May God 4give ur mouth.

  2. Some peeps are jst funny!what has her age gone to do with your life!!fools!happy birthday Ebube Nwagbor.I love you

  3. U must be a fool elvis, wt ve u achieved at ur age, Anuofia.@ 30 she is still vry young, infact she haven’t started yet.so kip ur mouth shut if u ve notin 2 say. Dump fool

  4. Happybirthday sweet,i wish u all the very best in life,,,,,…..U Ama Keep Keep smiling.

  5. It appears worrisome how people conceal or lie about their age. I knew Ebube @ Okopoly in Anambra State in 1998(my IT year). If a child is born in 1983,a mental calculation indicates~1998-1983=15yrs. Un4tun8ly d Ebube i knew back then wasnt 15 but 19 thereabout. We were qyt close then. Let her take pity on herself & do d needful. She cant fool everyone

  6. Happy birthday to you Ebube and very many returns. You are as beautiful as ever. Just keep doing what you do best and that is acting. Well done and God bless.

  7. Happy bday to u my best actress…I rilly apprecia8 ur entertaiment pls keep on doing ur good work nd i pray dat God wil add yrs to ur yrs in jesus name ameeeen…pls my name is Hope nd am frm edo state nd pls i would lyk to cum in contact wit u pls nd i wil rilly.appreciate if u pls cal me wit dis line 08146867568,pls i mean no harm tnks

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