Adebayo Salami Oga Bello Warns Kids Against Polygamy “Marry 1 Wife 4 Peaceful Marriage”

adebayo salami polygamy

Sept 27, 2014 – Adebayo Salami Oga Bello Warns Children Against Polygamy, Says Best Marriage Comprises Of A Man & Woman

Veteran Nollywood star Adebayo Salami aka Oga Bello in a recent chat with the entertainer said he has warned his children not to follow his footsteps in their marriage.

Mr Salami said a peaceful marriage comprises of a man and a woman.

In his own words:

“I have never said I regret being a polygamous man. However, I am warning my children against polygamy because not everybody can be like Adebayo Salami who runs a peaceful home.

“It is not easy to run a polygamous house and it is only by God’s grace one can do that. It cannot be applicable to everybody. The best marriage is that of one man and a wife, but if any of my children’s destiny is to have more than a wife, then there is nothing I can do about it. I believe I am destined to be a polygamous person.

“The position anyone holds in life is their destiny and that is my belief. I also advise my children to be tolerant, focused and prayerful. In anything they do, they have to put God first.”

The veteran actor has two wives.

13 thoughts on “Adebayo Salami Oga Bello Warns Kids Against Polygamy “Marry 1 Wife 4 Peaceful Marriage”

  1. You didn’t lay good example for them and dis warning is coming a bit too late
    Blame yourself if anyone of dem marry 5 wives

  2. Experience is the best teacher, he know better than the newly coming fathers.
    GOD bless you sir.

  3. l know some peoply who are enjoying their polygamy and l also know people who lack peace in their monogamy. lt is better to have more than one wife instead of exra marital affairs.

  4. Please sir said the simple truth, you have never have a peace mind since ever you put yourself on this polygamous mess, Iam married and know that It takes they grace of God to live with one wife talkless of two, if you are happy now just wait when it start please dont hide your face.

  5. Almighty Allah say yes,some human being say no. Are you the creator? Either you like it or not God is going to prevail.Dont you know that any muslim that against an alphabet in Noble Quran is a disbeliever takless of a verses.Allah allow muslim men to marry 2 or 3 or 4 wives and said if you cannot do equity 1 wife is ok Quran 4:3.pls muslim should careful on whatever you want to say.

    • @ Taofeeq, thank you. Mr. Salami is very wrong. At least Islam recognizes rights of all 4 wives compare to having 1 wife and many girl friends outside marriage. Those girl friends do not have equal rights has only wife. Therefore, it’s lose lose game for those women. Havign 1 wife and many girl friends outside is a way of avoiding responsibilities of those ladies or women.
      For Mr. Salami to make such statement, he’s threading line of kufr if care is not taken.

  6. Polygamy is allowed in Islam but not mandatory. Polygamy is not about religion but about social harmony, protection and provision for vulnerable women and orphans. There is NO WHERE in the Quran that says “you MUST marry more than one wife”. If Allah has not made it an obligation, then it is a choice for individual to make.

    Oga Bello advising his children to marry just one wife is because he knows the pitfalls. How many of you can do Justice. The condition Allah place on poligamy is “JUSTICE”. What do you understand by justice in this context and how many people can do the reall justice.

    In conclussion. Polygamy is a choice not an obligation. There are divine reasons for it which many people ignore but for the carnal needs.

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