Aisha Abimbola Died A Canadian, She Doesn’t Need Burial Donation – Lola Alao

aisha abimbola canadian

Nollywood actress Lola Alao who relocated to Canada recently has warned fans of late Aisha Abimbola to reject any donation request from anyone on behalf of the deceased.

In a short video clip uploaded by fellow actress Ayo Adesanya, Lola said the deceased, a long time cancer patient kept it to herself because she’s a private person.

She added that the Canadian Government will take care of late Aisha’s burial cost.

Watch the short clip below

7 thoughts on “Aisha Abimbola Died A Canadian, She Doesn’t Need Burial Donation – Lola Alao

  1. Why are telling lies against the Canadian government? The government does not do that. That is why people are encourage to get life insurance policy in all western countries. Ms Lola, stop this lies. You are giving Nigerians false information. If you cannot pay for funeral service,what the government does is to cremate the body, i.e burn the body. You are painting Canada to be heaven, whereas,it is not.

    • @misty good one from you.
      I think Lola meant to say Aisha’s insurance company Will cover the costs of her funeral and other benefits according to her insurance policy.

    • Yes, Lola is right, the information she gave is accurate, no developed world will just cremate people’s body just because they don’t have money to bury the person, if any family wishes to be supported to bury their loved ones, yes they can apply for funeral grant, it is every individual Satutory right to apply for the grant if they cannot afford the cost of burial. The good Lord will grant Aisha eternal rest IJN????

  2. Really don’t want to get into who, what, how and why. But I found it strange that Canadian govt would take responsibility just like that?. Govt would do that on special circumstances like wrongful death caused by the authority or death of a citizen caught attention of the govt and the nation perhaps.

    So far this is not the case even though she’s Canadian citizen. Bottom line is, she said they do not want donations from general public. That must be respected. That’s caveat.

    • Amanda, there is nothing strange about it, that’s developed world for you, it is called funeral grant, if family cannot afford the burial they can apply for it.

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