Aiye & Eiye Cult Members Rivalry War Kills 4 In Ilorin Kwara State Sunday Morning

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April 4, 2016 – Aiye & Eiye Cultists In Fatal Clash In Ilorin Kwara State, 4 Killed

4 people died over the weekend in Ilorin during a rivalry war between two rival cult groups in Ilorin.

The clash which happened at Baboko area of Ita Amodu and Agbo Oba in Ilorin around 4am on Sunday morning heightened tension in the affected areas while residents scampered for safety.

According to eyewitnesses, 4 men including a 20-year-old boy were shot dead.

The Members of “Aiye” Confraternity first struck at Baboko around 9.30 p.m. on Saturday night and allegedly killed two persons.

The Eiye boys on a revenge mission headed for Ita-Amodu and Agbo-oba areas of the capital to kill two members of the rival cult group around 4am.

9 thoughts on “Aiye & Eiye Cult Members Rivalry War Kills 4 In Ilorin Kwara State Sunday Morning

  1. Where is the way forward in all of these? Children are surposed to be the Leaders of tomorrow, but NO! They are now the Terror of today and tomorrow.

    All we hear these days is nothing but youths who were caught trying to go join ISIS, or Boko Harams. Those who cant make it there and were not caught will willingly settle for Aiye or Eiye.
    As a result, all we keep hearing is killing here and there.
    May God help us in this country.

    My strolling continues…

  2. These people are crazy, at times I wonder how some people see this life self. Killings everywhere all in the name of rivalry. They should keep killing themselves & I pray no innocent life will be lost

  3. Na stupid axe man dey start fight.l be jew man but I love eiye confraternity for life.Eiye you are too much

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