Alligator Eats Baby Boy At Disney World Resort In Orlando Florida, Parents Injured

alligator eats baby disney world florida

June 15, 2016 – Alligator Drags Toddler Into Lake At Disney World Resort In Orlando Florida As Parents Watch In Horror

A 2-year-old boy from Nebraska was relaxing on the edge of the Seven Seas Lagoon in Orlando Florida around 9:15pm yesterday with his parents when an alligator suddenly grabbed him.

The father of the toddler wrestled the Gator for a while before letting go. The mother also tried to rescue the innocent boy but she was not successful.

gator eats baby florida

Officers have been looking for the missing child since last night.

The incident which happened at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa in Lake Buena Vista yesterday has left the couple devastated.

This is sad!!!

11 thoughts on “Alligator Eats Baby Boy At Disney World Resort In Orlando Florida, Parents Injured

  1. O my God am crying here…am here imagining that boy as my baby boy of seven month old. O God! Is this carelessness? Didn’t the parents know how dangerous staying close to such water can mean for ones life? That is why sometimes I don’t like browsing the net for news. I don’t have that iron like heart to bear what I read.

  2. Oh God I cant imagine this. This is inconceivable. How fun trip turned tragic. For those who live in Florida is there any law prohibiting killing Alligators and Snakes in that state? or are they afraid of Animal rights people? Why not put something in the water that will kill these dangerous creatures? Please parents, when visiting Florida do not let your children out of your grasps especially that young.

  3. very careless set of idiots, they just used an innocent child as sacrifice to crocodile, the parents of the child as suppose to be arrested and charge for negligent.

  4. So a child gets dragged in the lake by a Alligator in Orlando Florida at Disney World, and they are still searching for the body…SMH…We in the last days…2016 has been a weird year on deaths…..

  5. If I am looking for whom to blame here, certainly not the parents. We are too quick to crucify parents these days. Haba! Make we pity them small nah! Have we considered the possibility of the parents not knowing about the presence of that vicious animal there? How about the park management that failed to place a warning sign for visitors to keep off or keep a safe distance?

    I grieve for this couple. And @Uzoma, I am also wondering if the man was thinking about the fine or jail sentence that awaited him if he killed the alligator while trying to save his child. I believe that if they had that time at all to struggle with the beast, the husband could have equally had his own time to deliver a jolting blow on the animal. Animal right activists should please get a better job if they don’t know their limits.

  6. Sometimes, I wonder how careless parents of nowadays can be. Well I believe they’ve learnt the hard lesson and this too will teach other careless parents/guardians a lesson. RIP boy


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