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An Adventure Out Of A Lifeless Life

adventure out of a lifeless life

Life is a reflection of the image that we create it to be. Life may be boring to some while it may be exciting to others. Life is a mirage of what one has and a reverse of it to another. A swimmers life is boring without swimming and a dancer is incomplete without dance. Life could be a factual reality or an ephemeral dream, it depends on how you make it.

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The measure of human’s life is not precisely in the number of years but rather in the utility of your time. Hence, your time is your life. If you are wasting your time, you are wasting your life and if you are having a boring time, you are automatically living a boring life. However, no evidence, either historical, logical, scriptural or scientific evidence, not even metaphysical conception have been able to prove that man could live twice, therefore it is necessary to live the only sure life in a lively way. This piece may seem odd in some context but I promise if you can take it with you, you will have a swift walk through a life you can boast of its ownership.  Man can live the life of others if he did not spend the life to the benefit of self.

No man’s life is a bed of roses nor is anyone created to walk on rugs of thorns. You can never have all that you desire but you can never miss all that you want, you gain some advantages and you miss some opportunities. Some time, life will appear in its biased form and some time, it will be as if you have bribed the divine and nature.

Hence, the point of CONTENTMENT is the first key to actualization of a lively life. When life turns the sharpest edge of its blade towards you, you take the best shield you can and believe it’s not misfortune for your existence but rather for a short time of your life. Train your mind that the horoscope of every being’s life cannot do except to show hills at regular intervals as the valley is also associated, to many highs, there are many lows. You are not the paramount King and never the useless Slave; you are just acting the role given to you by the time. Be contented with your state, notwithstanding building great aspiration and effort towards a bigger achievement. Contentment will breed inner joy, joy will get you balanced where you are and being balanced is tantamount to shooting for greater heights. Life is boring when everything is perfect. The excitement of life is only felt in the attempt of adjusting to the changes of life series.

Also, man is just an embodiment of complex nature biologically controlled by several nerves and endocrine hence, psychologically flexible, naturally diplomatic and emotionally varying. Therefore, EXPECT LESS FROM PEOPLE otherwise, you will always be disappointed. It’s not arrogance but self esteem; it’s not pride but Independence. What you can do by yourself, ask none to do it for you so that your joy is not measure by other’s availability. What you can spare others, don’t harbour it within except for important reasons. Thus, you learn to derive your joy from the smile of others and you become a better person by making people smile. You are the mirror of what you can see in people and a candle does not get exhausted just by lighting others but it get another person to light up its base.

Take your joy in conceptual things rather than physical material. Materialistic people often tend to be less joyous because physical things are usually depreciative, often and off. The beauty of life is not precisely in how big your house but how much your house can make a home. If you are unsafe to stay for three hours in your mansion, then the hut where you can stay a day is better a home than it. So, living in such hut may bring more joy than the mansion. With this expression, I did not advocate for a lowly living but for excited existence. Live your life to the fullest according to your needs and desire but don’t make too much concern for the societal view.

The society is a place that sets man into a race you can never finish, even if you found yourself to have won it. Owning luxurious things is not a crime and being above all and beyond others is not an offence, but the moment you are losing your happiness because others are going ahead of you is when you started putting yourself in an irreparable sorrow. Because of this, I advise you up to standard things put yourself not in competition with others over it. If you can comprehend and adhere complacently to this, you will move a numbers of kilometers away from a boring life.

Since your time is your life, it becomes important to know what the time is being spent with and upon. An employer that works from the hours of eight O’ clock in the morning to three in the evening is paid wages/salary as a reward for the time he has offered to sacrifice for the company. You could have volunteered your time to any other before choosing the company, and any other person could have given the same skill you have to the company. Therefore, it is important to know how much you charge for your time because they determine the value of your life. Yes! The worth of your time determines the value of your life which is important to your existence. To this, it is necessary to avoid unnecessary schedule in your planning. Such schedule are thief of time, they don’t only steal your time but also your life and your joy. They make you come back at the end of the period and discover you have not achieved anything over time frame, the time you ought to have sold to buy the desired joy have been stolen by a thief who you allowed to share your time.

Why would you spend your life doing a job you dislike, or get frustrated with one work when your joy is the reason why you have engaged in life? The average range of lifetime for most people is between 60 and 70. On that average of time, man’s existence is classified to a category of three, twenty years each. The first twenty is usually under watch and guidance, some (like parents) working towards seeing you joyous and lively, while in the second round of twenty, you are seen working towards benefiting others, while rearing children, developing home and building profession it is seen as working for people. The last round of 20 is a stage for one to make his life soothe his taste and desire. However, the last round of 20 is a reflection of the earlier numbers of years. Beware of what you spend your life upon.

Love what you are doing, if not before, develop it. Polls have shown that people only excel in doing what they love whereas excellence is responsible for the joy of service. If you are not in love with what you are doing, then you are miles away from a lively life and you are just dweller inside the same lifeless life.

In buttressing, you need to be selective in the choice of friend. Some friends are parasitic as they feed on the host’s life for theirs to be lively but they never see a point of duty to contribute anything while some are multiplier as they increase the joy of their friend. If you have companion(s) who nags a lot then you will plead for another without knowing the exact reason. A self esteemed individual can not enjoy the companion of an all accommodating, nonselective individual, either they fight always or he is bound to accept things against will and desire. Associates exist that would like to fill the life of partners with surprises and fabulous tales. If you are the kind that finds to give care, calls and messages like a diet that comes as breakfast, lunch and dinner, and if your friends are the kind that disturb and tease, as long as they don’t betray, nor nags, learn to thank them. They have contributed to your joy, even if you fail to realize it. A friend can make or mar you; they can dissolve your problem or dissolve your life. Your spouses are the closest being you can have and your family are the best friend you may believe in, determine their attitude and seek for your desire. The people you spend your time with will unfailingly affect your attitude and they can make you a better person or a worse being.

Children are said to be the most joyous of human because they have little or nothing to think about.

Learn the appropriate approach to things especially criticisms. Words can never harm you nor do opinions affect your physical being. Everybody is licit to his opinion but consider yours too and justify which belief is true. Don’t make your mind a slave of people’s interest, be an army of your soul.

It is not so easy to move out of a lifeless life because it is never perfect and can never be perfect. Not being perfect is a way to lively life if understood. Just stand up, believe in yourself and put up your head high and live the life you love.



  1. Gloria Ekwe

    July 28, 2018 at 8:21 AM

    The article title will make a great novel

  2. Anonymous

    July 29, 2018 at 7:17 PM

    inspirational and motivating article…kudos to the writer.

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