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Mid-week Motivation: Overcoming The Lust Of The Flesh By Majid Michel

overcoming the lusts of the flesh

By Majid Michel

So you are just coming to know Jesus for a couple of months and the the devil looks at you and says: So you are born again right? You say yes. i just gave my heart to the Lord. He says: so what are you doing for Jesus? You say well nothing. He says Get up and go do something for the Lord. You say hey that’s right i’ve been a Christian and i haven’t done anything for the Lord, i haven’t shown the Lord how much i Love Him.

So you go out to do something for Jesus then all of a sudden BAAM!! You fall for a temptation. Flat on your face! Devil says hey! What are you doing down here? i thought you were a Christian. Now get up and go back and dedicate your self to the Lord. So you go back and dedicate yourself…crying “oh God, Lord i’m sorry, Lord if you gimme one more chance i promise Lord i’ll really come through for you. Lord pls gimme another chance”. devil says ok now that’s enough Praying.

Now get up and do something! So out you go to do something for Jesus then BAAAM! Devil says hey!……..errrrm…. that’s a second time. Now look, get up and go back and re-dedicate yourself. So you go back and re-dedicate yourself. “Lord i’m sorry Oh God! One last chance God! i promise this time i’ll really come through for you Jesus i promise. Devil says ok get up, you are clean again. Now go do something for the Lord! Then out you go BAAAAM!! 3rd time.

Devil says hey mehnn i’m beginning to think there’s no hope for you. i’m beginning to wonder if you were ever saved in the first place. Then you begin to think … i really saved?? Devil says now what i want you to do is go back and Re-Re-dedicate yourself. Then you go back to Re-re-re-dedicate yourself and then you go back to Re-Re-Re-Re-dedicate yourself and all the time he’s hanging you up!!! and Jesus is Saying mehnn there is a simple way!!!.

Stop trying to overcome the lusts of the flesh! You need to do something first and you are not doing it! You are only trying to overcome your flesh by yourself. You can’t! What you need to do first is to Walk in the spirit!! if you do that first, then you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. Now the question is…. how do i walk in the Spirit?… To be continued..



  1. Faith Nbodo

    July 25, 2018 at 5:39 AM

    You have said well. Thanks Majid

  2. Bridget

    July 25, 2018 at 5:55 AM

    Well thought that is true.

  3. iron bar

    July 25, 2018 at 9:48 AM

    inspirational..though i stand with practice what u preach.

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