Anambra State Student Hostel Collapse Photos: 11 Killed As Hostel Crumbles Near Federal Poly Oko

anambra state hostel collapse

May 24, 2016 – Anambra State Hostel Collapse Pictures: 11 Killed As Private Student Hostel Collapses Near Federal Polytechnic Oko

The death toll of recent hostel collapse in Anambra state has increased.

According to the latest information reaching from Anambra state, 11 students died after a 3-storey private hostel building under construction collapsed at Nwagu village on Sunday.

The victims were temporary residents of the uncompleted hostel.

Prof. Godwin Onu, Rector of Federal Polytechnic Oko told Governor Obiano that inferior materials were responsible for the collapse of the three-storey building on Sunday.

14 thoughts on “Anambra State Student Hostel Collapse Photos: 11 Killed As Hostel Crumbles Near Federal Poly Oko

  1. You can be doing same thing all time and expect a different results. You can’t keep purchasing inferior materials for construction and you expect a quality outcome. No way! Its a pity, rip to the dead.

  2. In that case, the should just bring a bulldozer and demolish the remaining standings building cos to me they are more like a standing traps & coffins.
    So unfortunate!
    My heart felt sympathy is sincerely extended.
    R I P.


  3. Another substandard construction, the contractors should be arrested immediately. most these so called engineers are bogus; probably funds meant for materials have been diverted to personal use.

    so tragic. RIP to the deceased.

  4. Just imagine what stinginess and carelessnes can cause…
    Just bcos of too much love 4 money hv deprive d unqualified contractor 4rm getting d necessary material..
    Lord hv mercy

  5. The management of that building might as well tear down the adjacent building because it is a matter of time those too are going to collapse. They have to evacuate those students in order to avoid recurrent occurrence. We need to learn how to accept our responsibility. In this case, all the Engineers, Builders, Planners, Contractor of that building and the City Department of Housing director must be held accountable for this avoidable death.

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