Photo: Man Arrested At Alakija Ojo Lagos For Wearing Late Policeman, Brother’s Uniform

man wears late policeman uniform lagos

May 25, 2016 – Picture: Man Arrested At Alakija Ojo Lagos For Wearing Late Policeman, Brother’s Uniform

Nathaniel Benjamin, a 33-year-old Lagos resident is now in the custody of the police in Lagos for alleged impersonation. The suspect was arrested by X-squad team of the state Police Command at Alakija area of Ojo following tip-off from members of the public.

The suspect, who hails from Kogi State, said he was once a driver but the uniform belonged to his late police brother. He said:

“When I was working as a private driver at the Festac Town area of Lagos, my monthly salary was N30,000 but the money was not enough to cater for my needs.

That was when I decided to wear my late brother’s uniform and dress as a police officer so that when I board a commercial vehicle, the driver will not collect fare from me.

“All efforts to get a well-paying job have been futile.

My desperation to save money to carter for my family needs prompted me to wear the police uniform. “I love police work but all my efforts to become a policeman met a brick wall.

“I was neither using the police uniform to defraud people nor to escort heavy duty vehicles. I was using it to get free transportation. My late brother had not spent one year in the police when he died in an auto accident last year.

After his burial, I decided to use his uniform in my custody. I have been wearing it for about three months.” “Because of my passion for the police job, I applied for the recent recruitment exercise and I have been praying to God to help me get enlisted into the force. I don’t know wearing the uniform is an offence. It was my love for the force that made me to wear it.”


9 thoughts on “Photo: Man Arrested At Alakija Ojo Lagos For Wearing Late Policeman, Brother’s Uniform

  1. Even if you like make you telling them say you like police pass away your mother, they no go pity into you. Is police pity sombody? Is like you are not knowing where you dey sef.


  3. Yea dis report was not even a recent one, i hv heard about d story before.
    i just wish he should be pardon..
    he never mean any harm

  4. So, what makes you think that impersonating yoursef to get free rides is not an offence?

    If am a driver, with the current fuel price at N145 a Litre be you a policeman or not you cant ride in my Taxi and not pay your fare unless you show me where it is written in the Constitution that a policeman should never pay their fares.

    If that is so, I will stop picking police in my taxi. Bcos if they can pay their taxes, if they pays for items bought and bail at the station is not free then they must pay for their fares cos petrol is not given for free.

    As for this guy, o boy, you don enter one chance o.

    I take a stroll…

  5. u don’t no its an offense, big lie using it to extort money from people by not paying t.f are u d one dat bought d fuel for them that u dnt want to pay.

  6. Don’t say it was your love for the force that made you wear the uniform, but your greed and to make it big in life through stealing by tricks that made you wear it. Goat!

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