Annie Macaulay Idibia: 2Face Proposed Marriage To Me On Valentine’s Day

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Jan 20, 2013 – Annie Macaulay Idibia: 2Face Proposed Marriage To Me On Valentine’s Day, Feb 14

Annie Macaulay Idibia, the wife of African queen crooner Tuface just returned from Dubai after a week of wedding shopping.

In an interview she granted on Africa Magic TV, Annie revealed how her boyfriend of over twelve years finally popped the question of a life time to her. She revealed how 2face Idibia singled her out of his 2 other baby mamas for marriage proposal.

tuface proposed to annie

The day 2face proposed to Annie

Interview excerpt below.

Annie Macaulay: How Tuface Idibia Proposed To Me

“Just about few minutes after, Tuface picked up the microphone and I thought he was going to do all the normal hypes he does when he goes to the club. But he shocked me. He started saying things about how I have always been there for him since day one. How I have sacrificed alot for him. How I have cried and stood strong during his trying moments.

The truth is, he said so many things I can’t remember now. He said so many wonderful things that sent me into another world and I couldn’t even hear the other things he said.

“I didn’t even know when he walked up to me and he said “Please, will you marry me?” And I was like, “Can you imagine? What’s going on here?” he was saying so many things that I can’t even remember. It all blew my head.

“Although, it has not been easy since we had our traditional marriage. The truth is, it is not easy to be married to a superstar but I still live my normal life. Right now, I feel 24 hours is not enough for me because I have my husband, my daughter and myself to take care of. It has really been crazy and God knows I have been trying my best. I wish I have more time to handle all of this.

“Just because of the lack of time, I haven’t been able do my normal acting jobs. I would still go on to do it soon because my husband is very supportive of my career and everything I do. As a married woman, I would be more selective with the roles I take now. I would do away from controversial roles but that doesn’t mean if I see a good storyline I wouldn’t do it.

“One of the reasons I would be careful with the roles I take up now is because I am married. And when you are married you have to be able to manage your career such that it won’t affect your home front. In any case, you need to learn some tips which will help you carry on in the marriage. But before that, you need to be sure that the man loves you as much as you love him.

Even if it is not as much as you love him, but be sure he loves you. You also need to be patient. Men are like babies and babies are very annoying. You need to scold them but you should pamper them more. You need to work on yourself so that you can be proud of yourself. Don’t fake anything.

“Very soon, Tuface and I plan to do our white wedding and you will all be invited and even though it will be something quiet. We don’t want to make too much noise about it. We just want a beautiful and memorable event.”

2face and Annie plan an elegant wedding in the Bahamas on Valentine’s day, February 14, 2013.

February 14 is very important to them because it marks their 1st year engagement.

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  1. My best wishes!!! “Annie Macaulay Idibia”
    but 2face, the first “MOTHER” of your (two sons) is your “CARD-BOARD COPY”
    Pray well………

    “Remember Marriage is not a show”

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