Anti-Islam Filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Arrested In Los Angeles

anti islam filmmaker arrested

Sept 28, 2012 – Anti-Islam Filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Arrested In Los Angeles

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the maker of the anti-Islam video, Innocence of Muslim that sparked violent riots across the Muslim world has been arrested in Los Angeles, California.

55-year-old, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was a flight risk and cited a pattern of deception – A Judge said.

The anti-Islam video maker was investigated for violating his probation terms after his release from Prison last year.

Under the terms of his probation, Nakoula who was the producer of the 14-minutes trailer for Innocence of Muslims video, was banned from using the internet without an officer’s permission which he violated.

He has been taken into custody since Thursday.

24 thoughts on “Anti-Islam Filmmaker, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Arrested In Los Angeles

  1. I see no reason why this man should be prosecuted. If the muslim’s god is alive, it should fight for itself. Their god always feels intimidated. What a religion!

  2. Hmm…well, his film caused the death of many people after some Muslim people protested violently, especially in Libya, and then he went into hiding, he has some explaining to do…

  3. They ‘ve jst done d right fing. He has no right 2 condmd other peopl’s religion 4 d fact dt he does nt practics it. 4 u is ur religion nd 4 me is ma religion

  4. I dont know why people talk anyhow, yes, everyone have right to freedom of information, but not to infringe on others right. Muslims can neva write such on Prophet Isa , they believe & respect him as a prophet of GOD.

  5. So you are all telling me that defiling a religion and blasphemy is a right expression. How would you have felt if Jesus or Christianity was protrayed in such manner. Let’s think deeply before commenting foolishly to prevent religous war. Stay blessed

  6. Always think be4 saying any thing u guys saying it a free world try putting urself in other people shoe. Cos it free dose give u d right to hurt other

  7. @solange.. We are not serving the same God for ya info.. Their god is allah.who always fills intimidated but our God is the Living God.Yaweh. Who said the battle is Mine.
    All I want to say is that a lot of xtians have been attacked around the world by muslims and nobody spoke or made any arrest even the united state government . There is a film called corpus christi which blasphamed against Jesus Christ
    Was also acted in the US. Did the american gov speak about it let alone the world. Why shold islam be given undue advantage.. Abeg release the man ,he was only xpressin his right and let’s allow God to fight His battle .

  8. @ esupofo, u ave jst typed d mst sensless words. Hw cud u talk like dt, ever since ur fak pastrs hs beeen lyng against d name of jeesus have u heard in histry dat he came down 2 fight 4 his right. Dat just av 2 rot in jail

  9. Hello Muslims ! Why do you fight for yourselves and your god?Stay calm and let your god or prophet fight for you. Offering money to kill or trying to take somebody,s life for blasphemy is murder and no murderer will go unpunished or go to heaven. This is the truth whether muslim or christian.Relax and pray to your god to intervene in the case.

  10. For God sake its ridiculous 4u to think dat what d guy did was right,no body has d right to abuse anothet persons religion esp in dis desperate times wen d whole world is in crisis be it economic or religious,he should be punished 4 what he did.

  11. Since the foolish muslims believe dat killing the innocent people is the right way to show their displeasure, then they have all proven that islam is a religion of violence.islam is a very useless, violent and deadly religion

    • Emma who said islam is violent religion plz first read about islam then give any oppenion … islam menz peace know in islam history the first word is IQRA its menz read

  12. jd u de kraz islam is a violent religions go 2 sura 9:29 u wil knw dat islamic is a usles religion as 4de guy job weldon u wil b release dn worry i hate dem bcurs d dnt value human life

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