Anti-Nigeria Poster Spotted In Goa, India “Say No To Nigerian”

anti nigeria banner india

Nov 7, 2013 – Anti-Nigeria Banner Spotted In Goa, India “Say No To Nigerians”

Days after the brutal murder of a Nigerian citizen in Goa, a popular tourist state in India, a controversial banner has been spotted in the state.

The poster that reads “Say No To Nigerian, Say No To Drugs” is the current subject of ridicule facing Nigerians living in the tourist state.

What if Nigerians at home do the same for millions of Indian expatriates living in Nigeria, how would they feel?

Chei! Naija suffer o.

21 thoughts on “Anti-Nigeria Poster Spotted In Goa, India “Say No To Nigerian”

  1. The same will soon take effect in Nigeria
    Urging all Nigerians in India to return home if they still want to live I forsee war

  2. I did an engineering specialization in India after my Uni.,degree in Nigeria & will tell any1 categorically that India is the most dehumanizing part of the world in the atlas. A country that lack respect & value amongst her own citizen what more could one expect;after kill a fellow citizen of ours they’re still proud 2 display a banner in total ridicule! No long thing let the killing begin! I’ve got more than a dozen to waste @ my site.Tonight jungle justice commence!!

  3. I once worked in an indian company. My broda no be small slavery where Nigerians dey in hands of indians all in d name of company work. Indians are making billions of naira each passing day here in Nigeria. While Nigerian in their country dying like fowl. It a pity

  4. The Nigeria/India Govt should wade in to so it won’t take any life.
    But, what are Nigerians doing in that country that has no respect for human right?
    Please come back home so we can fight corruption together for a better 9ja

  5. U hav a country flowin wit milk and honey, instead u prefer to suffer in a place wia poverty is worst dan cancer kip suffering bt remember no place lyk home no mata hw bad it is

  6. If at all the is any indian selling drug in nigeria then i will say they should be treated the same,but i think there is none. Nigerians in foreign countries will do everything just for fast money that why they keep getting into trouble.pls ma broda them for out make huna tekam easy moni nobi everything think about ur like and becareful with those asia people aswell

    • Carlos, let me correct you on one or two points
      1. Not all Nigerians are drug dealers, and
      2.Not all Indians living in Nigeria are non-criminals.
      Having said the above,I think it is high time we Nigerians start treating our citizens everywhere with respect as a rule. Where one of us is mistreated simply because we are Nigerians,we must rise up as one to protest such maltreatment,NOT join the chorus of the perpetrators that all Nigerians are criminals. If you describe your own father’s house as a latrine, would an outsider call it anything different? Yes we have our ills as a nation,but its not exclusive to Nigeria, this hypocrisy of other nations falsely branding us must stop, and the truth is they will not stop it until we ourselves in UNISON say to them “enough is enough”

  7. Igbo legacy, let the Igbo people who continue to violate other country’s laws with drug activities be told to stop destroying the good image of Nigeria everywhere. Tell it to them, the Igbo people enough is enough of the destructions of Nigeria’s name, otherwise a tribal revolution is eminent someday.

  8. Na so my people make God just touch our leaders heart ehn,dose motherfuckers are in our country doing very fine,bcomiing rich while our own people go dere to suffer and die like cockcroach,is I time we woke up from our slumber let’s kick out all those suckers out of our country dey are all ingrate

  9. It behooves me to know that Nigerians are suffering in India and dying as fowls while these most of these 419ers Indians in Nigeria are being called whites and treated with dignity. What is wrong with we Nigerians? Why are so naive,and uncivilized? For how long will it us to know that these bastards are inhuman and they blood suckers? Regardless of what our hopeless politicians have up their sleeves for these fools, everybody should wage outright war against them, destroy their businesses and chase them out of beloved country. I have offhandedly dealt severely with some of them when i visited Nigeria from the States a while back and recently. They contribute about 40% of the 419 going on in Nigeria. I have beaten a couple off them almost to comma when they endeavored to 419 me. Common, my fellow Nigerians defend yourselves and damn those vagabonds in power. They will not do anything to them. Your precious lives mean nothing to those in power as long as they can continue to use these salvage Indians as their partners in treasury looting. Act like valiants my people.

    • Asiwaju,well said.
      I do feel differently however as to how to curb the illegal activities of some of these Indians…I do not believe in taking lives,especially innocent ones(where they are indeed innocent).
      Rather let us launch a vigilante group(in the mode of OPC) and go from house to house,business to business of all foreigners(Indians,Pakistanis,South Africans,etc) and get them to show us how their stay in our country is legal,if not, we give them an ultimatum of at most a week to pack up their businesses,or give them conditions to continue operating such as:
      1.Better,verifiable conditions of employment for their Nigerian staff,
      2.Put1 or 2 major project before them(such as roads rehabilitation,in the area they are located/borehole,etc)at suitable intervals like yearly, monthly or as is practicable and reasonable.They must use part of their profits to execute these projects for the communities in which they are operating,without collecting a kobo from them,That way,the projects that our government that allowed them to operate couldn’t/wouldn’t do,let us force these foreign companies to do them for us.
      3.Put a condition of sanctions(Im sure we are not hard up to find some) if they fail to meet the 2 conditions above. Anyone interested in the modalities to achieve this could contact me at [email protected]

  10. I wonder what Nigerians will be doing in that god forsaken country called India,mehn the place no be am na,from the what we see in documentaries about that place is enough to tell how it is there,its a pity,if they want war,then my people we give them “War”.

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