Man Rapes 20-Month-Old Baby In Edo State – Sex Offenders Arrested Across Nigeria

man defiles baby edo state

Nov 07, 2013 – Man Rapes 20-Month-Old Baby In Edo State – Sex Offenders Arrested Across Nigeria

The most terrible sex related crime of all times has been committed in Edo State.

A 24-year old man identified as Ifeanyi Nwong has been arrested for allegedly defiling a 20 months old baby in his apartment.

Ifeanyi was arrested after parents of the victim (names withheld) saw her child was walking and some sperm on her.
The offence was committed at Uselu quarters in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State.
He was among 29 suspects paraded by the Edo State Police Command yesterday.
Ifeanyi was alleged to have lured the victim into his room where the act was committed.

In a chat with newsmen, Ifeanyi said his sperm only dropped on the laps of the victim but he did not penetrate.

He said, “I returned from work and was wearing my towel to go the bathroom when the girl ran to me. I carried her and my penis erected and placed her on my lap. I release sperm on her lap but people said I defiled her.”

Other suspects held for defiling minors included Elvis Idemudia who allegedly had carnal knowledge of a 12 year old girl, Stanley Edomwonyi who defiled a 9 year old fish seller inside a bush and Precious Omoruyi who allegedly defiled a 10 year old girl.
Two women, Helen Otorhila and Imuwahen Atoe, were arrested for being in possession of 280 live cartridges which they claimed they sold to hunters.
A civil engineering student of Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, John Imhona and one Monday Evbuomwan were arrested for threatening to kidnap and kill their victims if the said victims did not pay the ransom demanded.
John said he demanded the money because cultists in his school were disturbing him to pay some money while Monday said he threatened his aunt to raise money his business.
Police Commissioner, Foluso Adebanjo said the suspects would soon be charged to court.
He disclosed that several persons have been arrested in connection to the killings of several persons at Ukhorumi community in which several buildings and cars were razed.

The anti-kidnapping law is good for now.

[Report From Osagie Otabor, The Nation]

22 thoughts on “Man Rapes 20-Month-Old Baby In Edo State – Sex Offenders Arrested Across Nigeria

  1. OMG he even confessed eja**lating on the baby’s lap
    This man must be jailed for life without chance of parole

  2. what i kno is dat d man did nt sex d baby, becos if he done dat d baby must die, but where dis world moving us. God plz help ur pple out of dis oooo

    • @ bezo or woteva u cal ursef,if u fall 4 every story on paper den u must b a fool @40, av u even considered dat dat guy may av masturbated b4 carryn dat child? If he had raped dat child y dont d doctors giv us proof of penetration? U r so dumb and talkative @ bezo


  4. Hmmmm show hw animalistic u can be, u mean to tel me dt u can’t control ur libido even wit a little near u? I pity ur wife to be, may God give her d hrt to cope with ur promiscuous attitude.

  5. God is angry with Nigeria. The highest oil producer in Africa. But the poorest of the spoors. While one lady buys a bullet proof car for 200 million the airport helpless and poorer than in the colonial days. While politicians like Obori starches several millions in foreign accounts, those left home, quench their anger on innocent people, children and women. Nigeria is definitely the worse country God ever created on earth. That’s why Lucifer chose Lagos as his earthly Capital. Until Lucifer is destroyed, completely, Nigeria’s problems are just beginning.
    Open your eyes

  6. Real men and woman are in war zone or frontier risking their life,joy,happiness,love life and comfort to provide a conducive and better environment for everybody to be happy and,a well dressed lunatic that reads,write and showers stay at home and the joy of other people,what breast milk were this bastards feed,what drug and high are you,what movie and books are they reading,what do they see when they look at himself in the mirror,what and who are living among us clothed in the image of man with heart and mind of a living walking devils,how save are our kids,this wicked inhuman act is tending dangerously more like a movie with chiwetalu Agu as the actor than reality,Are this men under some kind of curse?pls my people,don’t keep them in jail or prison and feed them if they really commit such atrocity,send to war and make sure they don’t come back or harvest their organ and use it yo save the lifes of other good people that are dying to minimized the trip to India and other countries.lets start with this group as an example for those that are pulling their pants down to keep it in place with bolt and nails to avoid the pants be blown away by wind not to talk of pulling out their pe**s or er**tion.

  7. This guy must be insane,defilling a 20months old baby is demonic,whats is kind of conji is dat? tufiakwa ! !this is mouth watering

  8. nothing one canot here in dis edo,i taught they only have d highest no of robbery,kidnapping,witchcraft,so they have included rape.”edos u need 2 repent b4 it’s too late.

  9. @ Bezo……………….must you always show how daft you are to the whole world. Your brain needs a serious repair. So people from Edo state are igbos? Even if they are, what has that got to do with the crime? Idiot.

  10. i dont knw wat dis world is turning into, rape rape rape everywhere, wat a shame, i think d only solutions 2 rape is very simple, cut off dia pe**s, any time dia pe**s jumped out of dia pants those who rapes

  11. A woman/maid who rapes/abuse a boy child sexually,must have their breast cut off and acid pourded in their pussy.

  12. what a man dose, is what he leant from a woman,so any lady that rapes a boy child must have their & cl.t cut off

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