APC Tells Defecting PDP Members “Stay In Ur Party Or Quit Politics, We Don’t Want U”


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April 23, 2015 – APC Tells Defecting PDP Members “Stay In Ur Party Or Quit Politics, We Don’t Want U”

In the wake of the mass defection game in the ruling party, the opposition party has warned defectees to stay in their party or walk out of politics.

Check out what APC party chairman Lai Mohammed said in a press statement yesterday:

“PDP leaders and members are falling over themselves shamelessly and swearing undying allegiance to the APC. Well, in case they did not get the message of the president-elect and our national chairman, we want to repeat it in very blunt terms: PDP leaders and members, you are not welcome in APC. Please stay in your party, but if as we suspect you cannot survive in opposition, then, take a walk, quit politics.
The truth of the matter is that the PDP is scared stiff of being in opposition. We don’t blame them as they have neither the capacity nor the commitment to be in opposition. A party that stood for nothing but looting and rent collection will naturally be afraid of being in opposition, where there is nothing to loot or rent to collect.”

Ex-Abia Governor Uzor Kalu, a Jonathan loyalist and his mother, a popular political figure in Abia state have defected to the APC party.

In the past 2 weeks ago, APC has battled the sudden influx of PDP leaders and members.

Many of them are defecting to the opposition party for refugee.

Meanwhile, President Jonathan’s aide, Doyin Okupe has promised loyalists that PDP will rise again in 2019.