Apostle Suleman & Stephanie Otobo Sex Scandal: Tell Rev Lizzy Suleman Nigerians Are Not Gullible


apostle suleman stephanie otobo sex scandal

March 15, 2017 – Apostle Johnson Suleman & Stephanie Otobo Sex Scandal: Tell Rev Lizzy Suleman That Nigerians Are Not Gullible – Mike The First

Truly, the Nigerian constitution allows among others, freedom of speech and expression but I make bold to say in reality, it is only applicable to those who live above board and have no skeleton in their cupboard.

The reason is simple, “He who comes to equity must come with clean hands, “While those who live in glass house don’t throw stones.”

Naturally, I would not have commented on this scandal but for the following reasons:
1. As a Nigerian
2. As a Christian who listen to most of our pastors and particularly the Apostle since 2014
3. We should put our in perspectives: Apostle Suleman may be our relation or Otobo may be a family member
Having said that, it baffles me that some people will sell their conscience and reasoning for a pot of porridge. It is important to be objective and also put ourselves in perspectives when commenting on sensitive issues as this.

I’m of the opinion that it is better to err on the side of caution than on the side of error which is what has befallen the Apostle; there’s limit to good doing lest it is misconstrued as something else. While the scandal remains an allegation until both parties sort themselves out in the court of law, it is incumbent on our people to stay clear from subjecting the main actors (Apostle and Otobo) to media trial and embarrassment at least for the sake of their families more importantly the innocent children of the Apostle who will face untold embarrassment as a result of this.

In all of these, it is obvious that nobody in the Apostle’s camp including the Apostle himself has knowledge of crisis or Scandal management as everyone appears to be rushing to the press competing to make contradictory and inflammatory statements which mockery of the strengths of their argument before smart and intelligent minds.

First, the Apostle was reported to have boasted “ they could have used a more presentable person.” He didn’t have to say that because that means he is susceptible to a more presentable person!

Secondly, the wife came on the air in defense of her husband which is expected and commendable) but she merely emphasized the humanitarian nature of her husband and how smart and intelligent she is to know if such was going on.

But one wonders if she’s not been counseling couples in their church, or has never heard stories that led to many broken marriages even among several men of God.

Thirdly, the wife eventually messed up a chance of making a good case when she remarked that “most Nigerians are gullible.”, For real? Such a derogatory comment from a Pastor and even a pastor’s wife! She needs another lesson on Matthew 5:22

Still on “gullible Nigerians” according to Rev Dr. Lizzy Suleman, since the majority of their congregation are Nigerians it’s obvious they fall into this category, which also means she needs to imbibe the lesson in James 3:5-6 about taming the tongue.

Fourth, when the Apostle’s agents got their intelligence report about a secret of Otobo camp meeting in a Lagos hotel why can’t they inform the police or try to mobilize their men to apprehend these people?

Rather they prefer to rush to the media. Certainly, that is far from the truth!

I’ll conclude with the following scripture Psalm 105:15 Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.” The anointed man must operate within the dictates of his anointing else; he will be rubbished just like Samson in Judges 14. And this brings me to the question; how do you know whom God anointed from Man-anointed?

An anointed man must flee all appearances of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22). After all, when a handshake extends beyond the hand, it turns to something else. We cannot play God, plain and simple!

Some ways of knowing are holiness, pure humility, overlooking faults, quick to hear and slow to respond, and more importantly, allowing God to fight his battle while he goes to God in prayer.

Jesus demonstrated this in John 18: 10-11 when they came for his arrest, and Peter cut off the ear of one of the intruders that if he wanted to fight, He has a legion of angels to do that.

Please let all parties shift their media wars to the court premises for a legal solution while supporters of both camps should please sheath their swords for the sake of the church, family, the innocent children of the Apostle and the innocent siblings of otobo.

I rest my case

[An opinion article by Mike The First]