Armed Robbers Now Using Uber Taxi Drivers To Stage Robbery Attacks In Nigeria – Musician Warned


uber taxi nigeria robbery

March 31, 2017 – Armed Robbers Now Using Uber Taxi Drivers To Carry Out Robbery Attacks In Nigeria – Musician Warned

Fast rising musician Musa Akilah aka Morell has warned people to be careful with Uber as robbery gangs are now using the company as a tool to stage robbery attacks.

Their mode of operation is that one of the gang member will join Uber and after picking up a passenger, they will reveal their movement to other gang members.

On getting to the agreed robbery point, the Uber driver will come down as if the car is faulty and from there, his gang members will rob the passengers.

Morell was robbed yesterday while heading to Sheraton Hotel for an appointment.

morell robbed uber driver abuja

He said on getting past Silverbird cinemas, the driver suddenly parked saying the car fuel was finished.

At that point, two robbers came out of the bush and attacked Morell and his friend.

He was robbed of large amount of money and important documents.

The Uber driver has been taken into Police custody.