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Association Of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder APLSCD Asks Nigerian Churches To Stop Collecting Offering For Them

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Association Of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder APLSCD Asks Nigerian Churches To Stop Collecting Offering For Them

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December 7, 2015 – Association Of People Living With Sickle Cell Disorder APLSCD Asks Nigerian Churches To Stop Collecting Offering For Them

The Association of People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder (APLSCD) has urged Nigerian churches especially those domiciled in Anambra State never to donate or give offering of any amount for their sake whenever they visit their churches for thanksgiving service.

Speaking through a press statement issued by their Coordinator, Aisha Edward, APLSCD explained that “It has been discovered that some churches shy away from us thinking that we were going to take away the offering that the congregation will give to them that SUNDAY mass/Services.

Pls my dear respected and Honorable Clergies

We wish to state that we love and need you so much in this cross we are bearing as stated by the ANAMBRA State law on sickle cell 2002. Our crusade on sensitisation of people on sickle cell disorders and carrier marriages education cuts across the churches, the schools, the ministry of Health and the Local
Government Areas.

“I can avail To Whom It May Concern a copy of the Law for possible verification. It really traumatizes us watching the church congregation giving us offerings to our members during Thanksgiving. Please for the records, the Association spends approximately 50,000 for each of our Thanksgiving items and this come
from our official purse otherwise our board of trustees bear the sacrificial burden too just to make us feel loved and appreciated. There are no doubt our Adopted parents but not biological parents.

These people are also highly responsible and respected in the society particularly in Nigeria”.

It further explained that: “Our Thanksgiving Masses/Services should be respected not ignored because it is a symbolic Spiritual Covenant which we have with God as an Association as well as an individual therefore it should be respected and honoured at all time. We make this sacrifice of giving because we believe that God, through our Thanksgiving will touch the heart of the congregations to harken to our Biological Gospel of life which forbids carrier marriages that results to our painful situation in life and to prevent the proliferation of Sickle Cell Children. Our outings are not necessarily a show of glamorous like some conventional thanksgiving services you see people celebrate.

“In our own Case we starve all throughout the day just to give God the best in the Church, and for him to be merciful unto us and shine his perpetual light on us and our Board of trustees who bears our burden unconditionally sometimes more than our family members. It is therefore note worthy that this association is determined in rendering every single accounts of our programs by imparting meaningfully and justifying every support given to our association on improving the lives of our members welfare wise.

This is where the supports coming from the Catholic and the Anglican Bishops comes to play. We do not
encourage people giving us alms on the road or through a wrong Chanel and wrong places to avoid an abuse as well as checkmate frauds which is now on the very high rate probably because of the economic hardship the citizens are currently facing.

Pls give us your support responsibly through any of those Bishops or pay directly to the Association account with the information contained in the flyers and the hand bills”.

The association equally thanked: “Bishops who have been our strength in this sensitization crusade as well as our board of trustee members.

I also will like to say a big thank you to the ministry of health particularly The Honourable Commissioner Dr Joe Akabuike and Pharm. Dr Oby UCHEBO. Without you people our members would have been at the mercy of the numerous racketeers on the street and hospitals.

To Ndi Anambra indefatigable Governor Obiano and wife Osodieme, history will always be kind to you and
your family for the kind support your government has shown and will continue to show to these peculiar creatures from God.

To erstwhile Governor PETER Obi, thank you for disappointing those fraudulent NGOs and racketeers during your tenure in denying them your support and remembering us now and we pray this rare gesture continues for posterity,we are grateful for your contribution for our school fees”.

It however, counseled “Ndi ANAMBRA to respect our Law if you truly love and support us through your adherence to that law and Your financial donations to our groups for this sensitization.

To our South Easterners Charity begins at homeland.

To the Media, you are our weapon, the oxygen that we breathe in our sensitization in good times and in bad time, you always understand me my temperamental weaknesses especially when the pressure gets to me and when we are broke too, we pray God to keep you people alive for us come next year.

To Our dearest
MEDICAL practioners we Love and need you unconditionally since you are our lifeline.

To the fraudulent NGOs,

To God, we are simply grateful”.
Meanwhile, it invited the general public to their end of year party and programmes holding on the
19th of December 2015 stressing that they would hold a grand finale thanksgiving at St JOHN
ANGLICAN Church Ekwulobia on 20th of December.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Loveth Chukwu

    December 7, 2015 at 5:44 AM

    Organize fundraising drives yourself don’t rely on churches

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