Atheist Sentenced To Death In Saudi Arabia For Insulting Prophet Muhammad

atheist sentenced to death saudi arabia

April 30, 2017 – Saudi Arabian Man Who Dumped Islam For Atheism Sentenced To Death For Insulting Prophet Muhammad

A Saudi citizen who dumped Islam after making disparaging comments about Prophet Muhammade has been sentenced to death

Authorities became aware of Ahmad Al-Shamri in 2014 after he uploaded a series of videos reflecting his views on social media. He was subsequently arrested on charges of atheism and blasphemy, faced trial and was sentenced to death in February 2015.

Al-Shamri is reportedly in his early 20s and comes from the city of Hafar Al-Batin, located in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province.

The defendant initially pleaded insanity, saying that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he made the comments, Hala Dosari, an advisory board member of Human Rights Watch (HRW) told the Washington Post.

She added that “his trial focused heavily on Quranic law and little on any mitigating mental illness. As a result, Al-Shamri has been sentenced to death for being an atheist.”

After a lengthy appeals process, Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court ruled against Al-Shamri on Tuesday (25 April).

According to Amnesty International, the Gulf oil giant carried out at least 154 executions in 2016. The country has been habitually criticised by human rights groups over its human rights record, but it is still a member of the UN’s Human Rights Council. Its term expires in 2019.

Leaving Islam is punishable by death in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

9 thoughts on “Atheist Sentenced To Death In Saudi Arabia For Insulting Prophet Muhammad

  1. Why are you complaining?. You committed offence in 2014 and you accusing them of human rights violations in 2017 knowing fully well you are still alive?. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing. One thing is to disbelief. Another is to insult a prophet. Insanity my foot. If they violated “human rights”, you would be dead since 2014. You won’t be talking trash by now.

    You even made your case worst by citing “under the influence of drugs”. Drug is punishable offence in the land too by death. So don’t try to be smart by citing Atheism (religious discrimination) perhaps as a tool to get international attention.

    If you don’t want to serve the term don’t do the crime. How simple can that be?. Serves you right and stop whining for attention. RIP in advance in your grave. There are other atheists in Arabia and still breathing. You however crossed the line. DEAL WITH IT

  2. @Amanda what crime did Al-Shamri commit? Against the prophet? Against God? Let God judge him, because all of us are going to face the judgement throne of God one day. Almighty God full of love,compassion and mercy will not appoint any person to kill on his behalf for a derogatory statement made against Him. The will of God is that every soul shall repent and come to Him and not to die. That is why He sent his only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe in Him shall be saved. Just looking at your write up I wonder where has love and compassion gone? Honestly you need Christ in your life before it is too late . But if you continue to play religion, good for you

  3. No body is forcing any one to b a muslim, there christian arabs, atheists too in S.arabia living fine, the only thing is, dnt ever insult prophet Muhammad and islam, dnt cross d line and u would b fine, thats a fair judgement

  4. Islam is a cult. They operate thesame way. If a cultist decides to dump the activities of cultism and embrace freedom and salvation, its member will chase such to his grave. Same with islam.

    Otherwise, if they are not cold blooded vampires, why sentence a man to death simply because of a certain unconfirmed accusation of athiesm? I believe the man was framed because he discovered the TRUTH and that he is eternally lost if he remain a muslim till death.

    I take a stroll…

  5. If anybody kills in pretence of religion, such an individual, or group, or country is serving satan. Not God.

    When some young lads said something against Elisha, He didn’t didn’t touch them but only said some prophetic words to them, and they met their waterloo.
    When Datani, Abramo and co said blasphemy against Moses, he didn’t touch them, he only said some prophetic words, and God Almighty fought for him.

    These counties that kill people on the pretence of religion are not serving the living God but worshiping idol thinking they have God in their life.

    Only God Almighty will judge.

    Anyway all of them are birds of the same feather killing themselves.

    That is the replica of what is happening in Syria.

    Everybody should ask for the forgiveness of his sins.

    Not to judge or kill anybody.

    God knows who is for Him and who is against Him, and He will judge everybody accordingly.

    God bless us all. Amen

  6. Above all, let us LOVE one another, chastising each other gently by example and the word of God. Killing people to prove we are “holier” than others is counter productive and ungodly. GOD IS ABLE AND CAPABLE OF DEFENDING HIMSELF. WE DO NOT HAVE TO FIGHT GOD ALLAH’S BATTLES FOR HIM. How many times has Jesus been insulted, in books, in movies, in utterances etc.???? Yet he taught us to love one another. Love conquers all adversity. Let us learn to respect the sanctity of human lives, and value life, which only God can create. Unless a person willfully commits murder and is not remorseful, there is no justification for taking human lives. God created us in His image and does not expect us to kill ourselves recklessly. If God should focus on our behavior, we all deserve death sentence and no one will be alive today to condemn others. Preach tolerance and forgiveness in Islam, in the name of Allah, the merciful, the most gracious and tolerant God.

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