Baba Suwe Appeals Judgement On N25m Cocaine-NDLEA Compensation

baba suwe ndlea cocaine

June 3rd, 2013 – Baba Suwe Appeals Judgement On N25m Cocaine-NDLEA Compensation

Comic Yoruba actor Babatunde Omidina aka Baba Suwe who was falsely accused of smuggling cocaine drugs out of the country has lost his N25 million compensation.

A judge ordered NDLEA not to pay the actor his N25m due last week.

The actor has however vowed to appeal the ruling.

Speaking through his lawyer, Bamidele Aturu on Saturday in Lagos, he said the Appeal’s court decision would be taken to the Supreme court to avoid such unlawful arrest from happening again in the future.

If we do not appeal the decision, history will not forgive us. we shall be heading to the Supreme court” It is a matter of public duty now.

“As soon as we get the judgement, within 3 or 4 days the appeal will be ready. Let the Supreme Court finally rule on it. We think this can also encourage the culture of impunity on the part of law enforcement agencies.” – said Baba Suwe’s lawyer in a press briefing

6 thoughts on “Baba Suwe Appeals Judgement On N25m Cocaine-NDLEA Compensation

  1. to me babasuwe as been cheated, why such rulling? Why arrest him in the first place, this is injustice. The NDLEA must pay him the money. God bless Nigeria

  2. He should go and find some where to seat,if is lucky enough to get an abracadabra pardon. Are they telling us that the detecting Machine at the port is malfunctioning? H e should just go and ve a good re-think on how to write or make more films that will enrich him jare.

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