Baby Stoned To Death By Train Rooftop Riders In Agege Lagos, Mother Slipped Into A Coma


baby stoned to death train rooftop riders agege lagos

Nov 8, 2016 – Tragedy As Train Rooftop Riders Stone Baby To Death In Agege Lagos 

A baby and a man were killed after some passengers, riding on top the train, engaged residents of Agege, Lagos State, in a ‘stone-hurling attack’ on Friday night.

According to witnesses, the baby, who was strapped to her mother’s back, died immediately one of the stones hurled by passengers on top of the train hit it.

When the mother realised that her baby was dead, she collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where she is still in coma. Another victim, a yet-to-be identified passenger on top of the train, was busy hurling missiles at passers-by and traders when he smashed his head on the pedestrian bridge at the railway station and died.

It was learnt that dozens of miscreants, who could not pay to enter the train, usually hang on top of the moving train, which has been described as illegal by the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC).

A trader said: “They armed themselves with stones and bottles, especially at night. They hurl the stones and bottles at passers-by.”

Tired of the incessant behaviour of the passengers, some youths in Agege mobilised and tried to fight back on Friday, resulting into fracas.

Some of the rooftop riders arrested

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