Baby Mama, Child Custody Battle: Open Letter To Mike Adenuga’s Son, Eniola


eniola adenuga

April 17, 2016 – Baby mama, Child Custody Battle: Open Letter To Mike Adenuga’s Son, Eniola 


A Reply To Eniola Adenuga’s Child Custody Battle story

It is so disheartening that you could allow this kind of mess in the social media . Well you could have foreseen this with all your exposure and affluence . I believed two of you adult are consenting and might have been in love before the pregnancy issue or possibly in relationship of convenience.

As a consenting adult, two of you could have prevented this mess from happening g by using protection rather drawing a shameful show to yourselves. Hence you have to tread careful.

Mind you since there is no marriage between you too, that does not give you superiority over your baby mama. Yes you both could have a share of the custody , I do not see reason why you should have more over the woman that carry the pregnancy and went through hard time . Sweetie money is not all .

You claimed to have spent thousand of pounds on the baby mama during pregnancy, believe me it is because you chose to do it. There are many good hospitals there in Nigeria that she can use . Well I think your wealth and class made you to.

The more some mother in law try to keep to their business , the less stressful relationship becomes better. How could Mike Adenuga’s wife expect baby mama to be spending fortnight in their house when they are not married, don’t you want her to have a life, sheer wickedness. Just for the sake of having contact with your grandchild?

If what I read is true , why did you go to the baby mama’s house with police ? This is a total HARASSMENT which could make you guilty under the court of law.

The baby father as an adult need to be able to sort out his mess without mummy and vice versa from the other end .

Baby mama, you are in it for a long time and you all need to find a common ground.
Baby father , you went to your baby mama’s house and you found out that your baby was living in squalor.

What you defined as a poor environment as a rich kid could be a heaven for others. All you need is to define the environment in appropriate way rather that insulting your baby mama’s end.

Notwithstanding , you should not expect the baby mama not to have a life . She is a career woman and you need to respect that. At least if you do not want to marry her, you should allow her to move on. I do not see reason why she should be sitting down at home with almost 2yrs old for 2years old . It is real wickedness

Baby daddy , I share your pain and you do not have to marry your baby mama but respect for the mother of your kids goes a lot.

I am tired of the rich kids in Nigeria behaving as if they are above the law. Mind you, the wealth are of you parents not yours, please do have fear of God.

Lastly , I am fed up of you best school , 600,000 school fees , they are just numbers and does not make a child or train a successful child . Your father is a testimony , never had this background but went on to be successful in life . Agree together with your baby mama and respect her as well . Without her , there can’t be any baby .

Your mother didn’t raise you out of wedlock which is why you are thriving, if you choose to raise your child out of wedlock, do it wisely.

[By Popular commentator Dem]