Injustice: Muslim Woman Kicked Off Southwest Plane By Rude Flight Attendant In Washington

muslim woman kicked off plane

April 17, 2016 – Injustice: Muslim Woman Disgraced By Rude Flight Attendant On Southwest Flight In Washington

Muslim Woman Kicked Off Southwest Plane By Rude Flight Attendant In Washington

A Somalian-American devout Muslim woman was heading to Seattle from Washington on Wednesday when Southwest airline gave her a seat in between two men after a layover in Chicago.

Because of her religion, she felt uncomfortable in between opposite sex and kindly asked another passenger to trade seats.

Her request was granted but while she was moving to the new spot, a rude flight attendant confronted her and ordered her to leave the airplane.

Humiliated, Hakima Abdulle left the plane as instructed. She was booked onto another flight later that day.

The Council on American Islamic Relations demanded the airline apologize for kicking Abdulle from the plane without reason however the airline didn’t grant their request.

Southwest spokesperson told the media that the flight attendant followed proper procedures.

14 thoughts on “Injustice: Muslim Woman Kicked Off Southwest Plane By Rude Flight Attendant In Washington

  1. Since the other passanger had obliged her, she should have been left alone. But this unfair treament might not be unconnected with the fact that she is of the moslem faith. This was a simple thing that could have been overlooked if it had involved another person of any other religion; or if she had dressed another way. Now even harmless professors are victimized because of the evil exploits of their many radicals.

  2. Why did she fail to obey instruction from the plane attendant. He is only followering instructions or procedure given to him.

  3. Who the hell does that woman think she is by the way? All this stupid Holier-than-thou attitudes this muslims like to put up in public can only fetch them their desired results in some places in Africa not in America.

    The Americans should not be ignorant of the devices of this devilish people in their country but be very vigilant about the gradual plots or plans by the muslim few in USA NOT to allow them to ingratiate into the American system.

    They should place a limitation on them otherwise, before they realize it, they will take over the land. Thats their long term Dream.

    Exactly what happened to Turkey. Its a long range plan and they are bound to succeed. These people are very crafty, even though it takes them a century to actualise their dream, as long as they do not stop they may succeed and thats what matter.

    Now, What is American-muslim? Where did that one come from?
    My prayer is for Mr. Donald Trump to win in the forth coming election so that he will SANITISED America of all this parasites back to Afganistan, Iraq, Iran etc where they emanated from.

    D Hunter

    • You wrote all this bcus of a Muslim woman got kicked off the plane?. Your ***** gets master’s degree. A very simple issue you turned to “we versus them”.

      Na wa o

  4. Hmmm people are funny,bcuz she is a muslim?@D Hunter for ur info dat pig Donald trump doesn’t even like d blacks. Go nd ask!

  5. Since the other pax has agreed to seat on her seat, I see no reason why the flight attendant should be rude.

  6. D Hunter i thought u are educated, intelligent, mature man nt knowing you are a ****. Get into that your **** head that as Christians have rule & regulations so other religions, the world is not created only for Christians.

    Religion aside, tell me how Will you feel when you are seated in between two beautiful young ladies? Do you have any ideas about sex hormones? Recently there was a founding that says a man that does not have sex for years seated in between beautiful ladies for hours Will end up ejaculating.

  7. @ You. u said u hate Islam, do u knw d word Islam is an Arabic word meaning peace? d same peace u hate shall hate u. u wil not have it. just imagine ur self saying “i hate Islam(peace)”

  8. Staying in between two men makes her feel uncomfortable..
    Dis enemy of peace called muslim do pretend alot outwardly but there soul and spirit z as dark as chacoal.
    Claiming holy all d time and they are d major cause of d world problem.

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