Banky W Loses Temper With Jealous Lady On Twitter

banky w fight fan twitter

July 2nd, 2016 – Banky W In Messy Fight With Jealous Lady On Twitter

EME Boss, Banky W earlier this week engaged one of his fans in a bitter Twitter fight.

The fan identified as Omo Alhaja took offence with Banky W’s recent interview on Urban 96FM.

In the interview Banky W listed the qualities of a woman he liked to spend the rest of his adult life with.

He said:

“I am fine with being single and not in a hurry to walk the aisle. I think people don’t give much attention to marriage but the ceremonies and I am not going to let that push me until I am ready. My kind of woman is someone that is beauti- ful, she has to be beautiful because that is what will first attract me to her and she must be God fearing. She must have a sense of humor and be independent.

She must love music, she mustn’t necessarily know how to cook because I enjoy cooking myself. She should be ambitious, have a career and have her money. No one wants a lazy woman.”

His fan, Omo Alhaja, took to his Twitter handle, saying:

“I overheard you that, you can’t marry a normal person, a girl from poor or low background.If you truly said that, you are a big fool.”

Banky W immediately took to his Twitter account to reply his fan.

“I didn’t…but you’re a bigger fool for jumping to conclusions, believing everything you hear and tweeting me this crap,” he reacted angrily.

13 thoughts on “Banky W Loses Temper With Jealous Lady On Twitter

  1. We all have different choices. He can say whatever he wants. Anyway, Banky didn’t disappoint me with his reply.

  2. Wahala ooo wa. That your fan have too much of your time. How is it his/her concern if you marry a rich classy woman?

  3. Everybody has the right to get angry, especially when someone reads a post incorrectly.
    Banky never said he can’t marry a normal person. It’s just some dumb illiterate overreacting over an innocent post.
    Omo Alhaja some education will do you good.

  4. Hehehehe its more like “Do Me I Do You, God No Go Vex“
    Such a nose poking redundant fan! Its a rely well deserved.

    I take a stroll…

  5. that serves her right…she should have thought well before jumping into conclusion…..y would she criticize som1 for his or her taste

  6. Biko you pple sud free banky joor, it’s his life nd he decides wot nd who he will end up wit.

  7. Banky, I agreed with you ojare, you can chose whoever you wants in life, that is you, no body on this Planet have the right to tell you who will be your life Partner. As long as you love yourself, ask God for directions, you will never miss your road. Don’t mind them o, let they say, nah their mouth, they can surely runs it anyhow they want. Nah them sabi jo.Wish you all the best.

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