Bayelsa Engineer Kills Self With Sniper Poison Over Unpaid Salary

bayelsa engineer suicide salary

Oct 2nd, 2015 – Bayelsa Engineer Kills Self With Sniper Poison Over Unpaid Salary

Tragedy has befallen the Bayelsa State Water Board, following the decision of an engineer working with the board, Mr. Peter Ogiero, to commit suicide over 13-month unpaid salaries by the state government.

Ogiero, a middle-aged man, reportedly killed himself on Tuesday after waiting in vain for the Seriake Dickson’s administration to fulfill its financial obligations to the board’s employees.

the father of four, whose life depended on his salary, was said to have capitulated to frustration over his unpaid salaries and decided to end it all.

The deceased was said to be hypertensive and developed stroke about one year ago when he could not care for himself and his family members.

Following his economic woes, his wife abandoned him, took three of the children and fled to her village.

But his teenage son, Wilson, who depended solely on alms for survival stayed with Ogiero before he finally took his life.

“Ogiero’s condition was pathetic. His death was tragic and painful. He took his life by drinking an insecticide called Sniper. He was so frustrated that he felt life and the government were unkind to him. He was hopeless and helpless,” a source from the family, who spoke in confidence, said.

At Ogiero’s residence in Okaka area of Yenagoa metropolis on Thursday, the deceased relations looked dejected, saying their late brother lived in penury and died a frustrated man.

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  1. You can see that even the state where the former president comes from is not speared with their corrupt practices,its only God that will judge Jonathan and his cabinet,

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