Boko Haram Attacks In Abuja: Suicide Bombers Attacked Kuje Market & Police Station, Several Killed

bomb blast kuje market abuja

Oct 2nd, 2015 – Kuje Market & Abuja Police Station Bomb Explosions: Boko Haram Suiciders Kill Over 30 At Busy Market

Boko Haram Attacks In Abuja: Suicide Bombers Attacked Kuje Market & Police Station, Several Killed

Some suspected Boko Haram terrorists have attacked the center of Abuja a day after Nigerians celebrated 55th independence.

The latest news coming from the FCT is that some suspected suicide bombers attacked Kuje Market and a nearby police station around 8pm tonight.

The first explosion went off at a Police station near a First Generation bank and few minutes later another explosion went off at a very busy market.

As at the time of this report the casualties remain unknown.

Stay in touch for more details.

9 thoughts on “Boko Haram Attacks In Abuja: Suicide Bombers Attacked Kuje Market & Police Station, Several Killed

  1. @Atsu what has that ur president put in place to stop this nonsense created by his region/religion ? Praise singers ,sai baba, say change, so many people have lost their job bcos of the so called selective probe including bezo as u can see he dont contribute anymore, bezo pls say change hahahahahahahaha.

  2. A lockdown on the Abuja borders and an all out direct investigation in Boko Haram hideout and weapon depots in Abuja is the only option.

  3. Is only a foolish Nigerian that claims that PMB hasn’t done anything to destroy all the activities of the evildoers called Boko Haram. He has achieved in just four months what dumb Jonathan can’t do in six years of his disastrous and most corruption administration. Nigerian army have successfully crippled Boko Haram, thousands of those that were kidnapped many years ago have be freed, and many of their hideouts in the northeast region have been dismantled by air raids and ground forces. Boko Haram wouldn’t have gained international recognition if not for the clueless and inaction of Zoologist turned president because of Obasanjo political fraud and manupulation. It laughable to hear or read people saying that PMB hasn’t done anything or enough in four months. Where were you people when Boko Haram started bombing innocent Nigerian people and evil activities blosssomed on dumb President Jonathan watch? The fact is that in few months or may be a year, Boko Haram and their sponsor will be eradicated and destroy if the military step up their attacks on this evil. President Jonathan left so much mess in the areas of national security, economic, education and governance that will take more than eight years by highly patriotic president like PMB to clear and restore Nigerian lost glory back after over 35 years of vagabond and criminals in power.

  4. Good talk omokehinde,God bless you for this submission, you know some people are clueless in their criticism, anyway keep it up.

  5. @Omokehinde……*****************.What has PMB done; absolutely Nothing..government are busy lieing and deceiving Nigerians that they are cruising the spaces of 7days,Bokoharam attacks Adamawa and Splits the Throats of Seven Maiduguri,they kill more than 40people with 96people reportedly injured..Now in Capital of Nigeria ,Abuja,15people dead with 41injured…Innocents people dieing…WHAT ABOUT0: Naira Devaluation,Increase in Rapping,Increase in Unemployement, Economic Declining…..only a ******* will say Nigeria is not Declining.THEY PROMISE US CHANGE! Is this the Negative Change they promise us..LET us not forget Bokoharam attacks Kabba in Kogi state too last week ,with 5people killed..It seems We dont have a good government..hard to expect any good coming out from a party(APC) builts on lies and propaganda…

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