Bayelsa State Unemployed Graduates Arrested By The Police

bayelsa state unemployed graduates arrested

April 20, 2013 – Bayelsa State Unemployed Graduates Arrested By The Police

It is unlawful to be law abiding, in a lawless society” What kind of a lawless society is this that we live in? This is a society were the law makers are the ones breaking the law, they see themselves as lords over the laws of the land. Agencies that are suppose to protect us are the ones killing us now for no just cause. We live in a society were the fundamental human rights are not being respected. We live in a society were evil pays more than good. We now live in a society were cultists and militants are being paid hugely for doing nothing, all in the name of AMNESTY.

Such people now drive the most expensive cars in town and own mansions While graduates walk about with their degrees, certificates and potentials from one office to another seeking employments yet gets none.

They now look at the graduates as stupid jobless people that wasted their youthful strength and time in going to school.  Precisely, on the 24th of march 2013 some unemployed graduates came together, had a meeting @ Farai Hotel in yenagoa by 4pm and came up with an idea of a peaceful protest to let the state government know that they still exist and should not be forgotten.

To my greatest surprise, these unemployed graduates were arrested, put into the cell & after 3 days they were released on bail and  taking to court by thesame state government alleging them as rebells with rebellion motives. Who now defends them in court against the state government?

The case is still on! God help us. My name is Bernard Ebipade. From Bayelsa state. I have more information to give with facts. 08066327691