Bidemi Kosoko Is Too Rude & Proud – Angry Makeup Artist Writes Open Letter To Actress

bidemi kosoko rude proud

September 12, 2017 – Bidemi Kosoko Is Too Rude & Arrogant – Angry Makeup Artist Writes Open Letter To Actress

An open letter to Nollywood actress Bidemi Kosoko by a makeup artist who asked not to be named.

“Please can somebody help me talk sense into this lady, I have met her on three separate occasions and she has always disappointed me.

The first time I met her was on a movie set, I will not mention the name of the movie, I was assisting a make up artist and when she came by, I said hi to her but she refused to answer me.

At a point, I felt so uncomfortable working with her due to her manner-less gesture throughout the makeup session.

Secondly, I met her at a birthday party, infact, I was so afraid of coming near her and when I finally did, she shunned me.

Lastly, I met her on Sunday, I was so ashamed of myself when another girl was talking about her rudeness.

This time around, I ignored her completely.

My fear for this proud b****rd is that when she eventually marry, her arrogance may affect the marriage and she will return to her father’s house.

I must give it to Sola Kosoko, a very humble and approachable lady, anytime there is a makeup session that has to do with her, I’m always eager to go but for this rude Bidemi, I can reject a million naira project.

Let me stop here , I hope this message gets to her.”

15 thoughts on “Bidemi Kosoko Is Too Rude & Proud – Angry Makeup Artist Writes Open Letter To Actress

  1. This is nothing but a cheap blackmail or character assassination by an hater who can’t stand Bidemi’s success and achievements in the movie industry. Why not talk to her directly to address your misunderstanding or issue with her on the movie set instead of going public? Why painting her black without revealing your own true identity? This jealous writer wrote an open letter to Ms. Bidemi Kosoko without putting her own name and email on the article for authenticity sake. This is nothing but a serious act of jealousy to tarnish Bidemi’s image. There is God o.

    • I disagree with you my brother or sister, if you have ever relate with you, you will understand the writer’s point of view

    • Omokehinde you might av a point, but i wouldn’t completely disregard this post, mainly bcos i have witness snobbish behavior twice from 2 different Nollywood actress from Yoruba industry (both r female), and it truly hurt when they behave towards you like that, i wouldn’t mention their names now but will do to their face wenever i av d opportunities. The snobbish behaviour hppens outside Nigeria wen i met them n tht stays with me up till today and something i always remenber each time i saw the two i a movie

  2. I don’t think it is rudeness, she is just full of herself, stardom is killing her softly.
    I have seen her on 1 or 2 occasions I don’t relate with her cos she is not my type

  3. Omokehinde,u are wrong.That’s her true character.Everybody knows.She lost the chance of being married to Ibrahim Chatta cos of her rudeness,arrogance & promiscuous lifestyle.She lack d required charity. Sola Kosoko is a direct opposite of her.The letter is a wake up call 4 her.A word is enough 4 a wise.I take a stroll……

  4. If truly, the writer is a make-up artist, then, going around maligning celebrities will stunt her growth and success in the industry. It was wrong of Bidemi to be arrogant and it is wrong of any celebrity to be standoffish because fame and success could be ephemeral. However, it is uncouth and disgusting for people who work with them to be revealing their moods and disposition. It would have been more professional to avoid the ‘annoying ones’ than come out like an obnoxious b.. ch The writer should go for courses on manners and professionalism. She urgently needs these.

  5. The lady can’t even speak good English, so what the hell is she feeling about? She is always in the media for bad reputation

      • I was not born speaking English, and that doesn’t stop me from representing myself better wherever I find myself. I cannot communicate with everyone in my Languange but the Lingua franca. If she gets it right, and is proud, maybe we could think she’s got the brain. But Nah, she ain’t got good representation, so what’s her pride?

  6. truly i know her but from very well just that i don’t wanna talk too much about her,infact we both attended same primary sch,she has always been like that,she’s full of herself and she needs somebody to tell her the truth

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