Bishop David Oyedepo & Wale Oke Back In The Days

francis wale oke

August 25, 2012 – Bishop David Oyedepo & Wale Oke Back In The Days

See Winners Chapel’s Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife Pastor Mrs Faith Oyedepo and Bishop Francis Wale Oke of Chris Life Church back in the days.


11 thoughts on “Bishop David Oyedepo & Wale Oke Back In The Days

  1. Many who thought bishop started over night should take a good look at this photo and tell me when they think it was. For me i say over 30 years ago. The man and friend of God knew it earlier before now that he would definitely attain the height he is today. Not because he is a pastor but because he knew God says so. This man is not money hungry. He is God hungry, otherwise with the kindvof money he has been blessed today, if he was some, they will just say no more to the work of God. May God keep blessing this man, and make me a partaker of the same aunction in a double scale. As for mama faith, she still looks the same till date in terms of body weight, was she to be the wife of some other rich men of God, they would tripple in size by now. Pastors wives and all wives should emulate this beautiful angel God gave Bshop Oye baba…

  2. If a Star do not Shine,other stars may not shine..That God for our Covenant Fathers in Faith whose and Great Labour has placed them for Double Honour.lndeed the word of God is dwelling in them Richly in all wisdom and God has blessed the Fruit of their lips..YOU ARE GREAT SIRS.

  3. just look at them then, look at them now. It takes SACRIFICE to get to where they are today. Behind every GLORY lies a STORY. I bless God for the lives of my father in faith. more Grace for greater height!

  4. Lord I thank you for d grace of God upon the men of God(Daddy Oyedepo n Daddy Wale Oke) I was @ Ibadan on a visit when a crusade was taking place very close to d house I went @ Isebo Pry sch. Where a miracle happened dt is Tiri popularly known in dt area was totally illed from insanity in d year 1999. God bless ur servants.

  5. Looking at this picture, i saw total commitement and aggressiveness to the work of God. I’m so inspired to focus more on the things of God. This day people (young/ adult) are not aggressive seeking God but have so much energy is looking for money, money, money. Meanwhile some of our father’s in faith should stop dishing out vegetarian sermon, they should give it to us raw the way they received it.
    God use me to change my world for thy Kingdom sake. Amen.

  6. vegitarian sermon. hahaha…. we need the strong meat……..word that carry power , healing solution and full gospel GOD bless us all

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