Bishop TD Jakes Joins The Fight To End Slavery And Human Trafficking In Libya


bishop td jakes end slavery human trafficking libya

November 30, 2017 – Bishop TD Jakes Joins The Fight Against Slavery & Human Trafficking In Libya

By Bishop TD Jakes

The slave trade that is going on in Libya, and even globally, is an atrocity that has to STOP. We, as a people have to partner together to put an end to this horrific disregard for human life.

Here are a few ways you can help:

  1. Use YOUR voice (Social Media, your community, etc.) to raise awareness!
  2. Support organizations that give aid to countries from which migrants are fleeing.
  3. Contact your local officials and become an advocate in the fight against slavery & human trafficking.
    We’ve got to say something…we CANNOT be silent.

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