Blackout Stalls Saraki CCT Corruption Trial; No Fuel In Generator

April 6, 2016 – Power Failure Forces CCT To Postpone Saraki’s Corruption Trial

Black Out In Court As Witness Testifies Against Saraki, CCT Trial Postponed 

Power outage at the court around 4:55pm today has forced the Justice Danladi Umar to adjourn Saraki’s corruption proceedings as first prosecution witness continue in his evidence as led by prosecution counsel Rotimi Jacobs.

Justice Umar adjourned proceedings to 18 April after admitting as evidence letters sent to FCT Development Control and AGIS in respect of No 1 and No 3 Targus Street, Mataima Abuja.

The documents released by Michael Weskat this afternoon confirmed Saraki as the owner of the properties as well as the date the properties were purchased.

Also admitted were letters written to CAC to confirm the ownership of companies the defendant declared in his assets declaration form and some other companies and the responses from the CAC to the letters.

The documents were admitted as exhibit by the Court as the defence counsel said he reserved his objections to the documents.

The defence has also given undertaking to begin its cross examination of the witness on the adjourned date.

7 thoughts on “Blackout Stalls Saraki CCT Corruption Trial; No Fuel In Generator

  1. He might have bribed the NEPA personnel to cease the light so that his case will be adjourned in order for him to have time to cover up his crimes yet unknown.

  2. But why adjourning the case to a rather far date instead of two days or so? I am sure this kind of long adjournment is to pave way for the embattled Senate boss already in HOT seat to bring some Ghana must go in order to soft pedal the process of judgement against him.

    Another thing is, why the power outage in the first place? The PHCN manager in charge of that area must be thoroghly interrogated and dealt with. If possible, sacked!
    We are no fools, we are watching.

    As well as my strolling that must continue….

  3. Let them keep postponing his trial for all i care. I’m still waiting to read/read the final result of his trial

  4. abegi,how possible is it that all of a sudden,there is no more diesel or petrol to run gen in a whole cct trial case
    what a big scam

    if to say na poor man,sharp sharp dem don sentence am quickly to like maybe 60years with hard labour,but because say na Big Man,as usual dem go adjourn case till the matter fade away just like corrupt dimeji bankoles case

    abegi,naija we are cursed.

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