Jungle Justice: Mob Burns Truck Driver & Conductor Alive For Crushing Pregnant Woman In Edo State


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April 6, 2016 – Jungle Justice: Mob Burns Tipper Lorry Driver & Conductor Alive For Crushing Pregnant Woman To Death At Burial Ceremony In Etsako Edo State

A fatal car accident has claimed the lives of three including a pregnant woman in Edo State.

They were crushed to death at a burial ceremony by a tipper lorry at Osholo village in Etsako East local government area of the state.

Also, the driver of the tipper lorry and his conductor were said to have been set ablaze by an angry mob who witnessed the unfortunate incident.

The tipper driver who was said to be coming from Ekperi in Etsako Central local government area and heading towards Weppa in Etsako East, was said to have lost control and ran into the crowd at a burial ceremony, killing the pregnant woman and two others at the spot and injuring several others.

Eye witnesses said the driver and his conductor were attacked and set ablaze by the angry mob from Osholo community while they were making effort to convey the dead and the injured to a nearby hospital.

Angered by the action of the Osholo community, people from Weppa community in a reprisal attack, invaded Osholo and set several houses ablaze.

Police has restored calm to the area.

14 thoughts on “Jungle Justice: Mob Burns Truck Driver & Conductor Alive For Crushing Pregnant Woman In Edo State

  1. Why did the mob set the driver and his conductor ablaze, it was an accident and not done on purpose. Correcting evil with a bigger evil. God please have mercy. May the souls of the departed RIP.

  2. I hope peace be restored in that community. The angry mob overreacted,the driver didn’t crush them intentional,its just a break failure that led to the disastrous accident. May the souls of the departed rest in peace,speed recovery to the injured

  3. This is a disastrous accident. The mob shouldn’t have taking laws into their hands,coz the driver didn’t crush the deceased intentional. May the souls of the departed rest in peace,speed recovery to the injured. May peace return to both communities

  4. This is what you see in a country without Law and Order. Gorillas, why will you kill somebody parents because of an accident. After dat,whats next…..Nijar I throway salute…

  5. Quite unfortunate. The mob were in a mood of melancholy for the first dead then came the accident that got their feelings transformed into raw anger they had no control over. And it led to a greater lost of lives.
    Though, they went too far.

    May God heaps hot coals of fire on the head of the spirit of accident. What actually caused the lost of control? If break failure, then why didn the break fail on the road but that spot?
    The spirit of accident is a very wicked one indeed.

    My strolling continues…

  6. Jungle justice will never seize in Nigeria. I see no reason y people should take law into their hands rip to d dead

  7. honestly was there need for setting driver and conductor ablaze.Thaz is really bad .This was an accident not an intentional act

  8. We must put an end to jungle justice in Nigeria…What if the pregnant woman was killed accidentally?

  9. To think that this happened at a burial ceremony, one would tend to wonder if the spirit of the dead is not responsible. Maybe it was the burial of one highly-placed cultist. Whether this is superstion or not, things happen.

    Yet it could be mere coincidence. With the deplorable state of our roads, vehicles break down more often. Now, when you consider the heavy taxes that these truck owners pay per trip for bad roads that frequently break down their trucks, a truck owner is forced to manage things that ordinarily would have been changed as soon as they show signs of failure.

    This is not making an excuse for careless cases. It is only an attempt to look beyond the immideate cause of this accident. As a driver, I think in four dimensions whenever I see an accident scene.

  10. It serves dem right! until ppl begin to react dis way some idiot we never learn. I dont support jungle Justice but it a very big lesson to all these reckless drivers. Make sure ur car is in a good condition b4 u move out with it lets knw wen to blame devil.

  11. Killing your own fellow country man due to either wreckless driving which was not premeditated,or loss of control due to mechanical fault caused by bad roads,quack mechanics
    instead of help the injured,they burnt dia fellow brothers
    men naija is cursed for life

  12. Why did the mob set the driver and the conductor ablaze na. It wasn’t intentionally,this is a height of wickedness. R.I.P to the deads.

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