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Fulani Herdsmen Wearing Military Uniform Kill 11 Farmers In Plateau Over Missing Fulani Boy

fulani herdsmen kill 11 plateau

Nov 9, 2017 – Bloodbath As Fulani Herdsmen Wearing Military Uniform Kill 11 Farmers In Rim, Plateau State Over Missing Fulani Boy

Eleven died in Tuesday’s attack on Rim, Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State. Four were injured.

The gunmen allegedly laid an ambush for their victims, after trailing them from Tuesday Market in Makera.

Residents accused soldiers of conniving with the culprits. The situation has created tension in neighbouring Diyan, Gako, Jol and Hoss.

A survivor, Chuwang Dangyang, said the gunmen were on military uniform, and with some Fulani men, which is why he suspects them to be soldiers on Operation Safe Haven.

Police spokesman Terna Tyopev, however, said 11 died in the attack.

But the military debunked allegations that its officers are responsible for the attack.

Media Officer of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) in Jos, Capt. Adams Umar, said:

“It is wrong for anyone to think our soldiers will connive with criminals to kill the same people we are here to protect. Such allegations can only come from mischief makers.

“It is true the attack was done by gunmen. The victims were ambushed while returning from Makeran Market. As soon as we got information of the attack, the commander led troops to the village and spent the night there with his men, combing the surroundings for the gunmen.

“We are on their trail; our men are combing bushes around the scene. We have deployed helicopter for aerial surveillance, apart from ground troops, to ensure the gunmen don’t escape.

“No arrest has been made but we are doing our best to get them, we are tracking them from both air and ground.”

Chairman of Riyom council Emmanuel Damboyi has called for the arrest of Fulani leaders in Riyom.

According to him, they vowed to attack Berom communities, if the body of a missing Fulani boy was not found.

According to Damboyi, the Fulani leaders, at the Security Council meeting, made the threat last week.

“I think the Fulani leaders are not ready for peace, they should be arrested and questioned for these killings.”



  1. iron bar

    November 9, 2017 at 2:54 AM


  2. Ky2 boy

    November 9, 2017 at 2:58 AM

    Enough these Herdsmen should be sent out of Nigeria. They are even worse than terrorists

  3. Mon

    November 9, 2017 at 5:42 AM

    I hope this news is reaching Aso Rock…for those still doubting the agenda of Hausa Fulanis in Nigeria, Plateau State is still one of the Christians Strong hold in Northern zone, these Idiots are not killing because of their cow or grazing,but killing to eliminate the Christians in that zone.
    People need to wake up and understand what keep Nigeria backwards, this one Nigeria of a thing aren’t working and won’t work,let’s stop deceiving ourselves.
    God please Let Biafra be fully restored to safe humanity is this part of the planet.

  4. Georges

    November 9, 2017 at 11:30 AM

    Sometimes I do think if we have real conscience as human? I find out that some Nigerian have developed the sense of Animal, not quite long that I watched some Nigerian I thought that they are educated calling and supporting the federal Government branding IPOB as terrorist Organizations even went ahead and start sending letters to the world that they should accepted their illiteracy and narrow minded life system by accepting their wrong and shorted cited idea, that issue have exposed the level of ignorance and illiteracy that is existing in our country.

    We are been mocked by many western countries even some small countries in and around us, two weeks ago , I was watching a program on Cameroon television where a carton was drawn with IPOB Members with flag and whistle, and Fulani herdsmen with AK 47 Rifles and cutlasses stain with human blood and other dangerous weapon, then a question was asked who is a terrorist among these people, from the drawing all the countries in world pointed at the Fulani herdsmen except Nigeria who pointed at IPOB, a very big SHAME AND WRONG was shouted at Nigeria with a very big laugh, if IPOB is a terrorist organization, then the herdsmen are Non governmental organizations, time shall tell.

  5. James

    November 9, 2017 at 11:38 AM

    How can you open fire on an innocent people coming back from market and kill as many as possible because a Fulani boy was missing? If at last the boy eventually come out, what will be the result after killing the innocent people, I remember the day our President is been sworn in as our Leader, he said ‘’HE WILL TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED UNDER HIS WATCH ‘please sir, I knew that you cannot be at all places as a human, but please try all you can to see that the killings will stop and stop ones for all, there is so much shedding of innocent blood in Nigeria, with this shedding of innocent blood here and there God will not bless Nigeria, no matter however all the pastors and Imam’s pray.

    God will not hear because the blood of all the innocent people are crying before God everyday asking HIM what did they do? God will one day revenge for them, Nigeria is full of blood, evil is all over our country. The worst of all is all the so called pastors and preachers never say anything strong against it. God is watching all the people who supposed to talk and take action, but they chose to be quite.
    May God Bless all the innocent Nigerians and protect them.

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