Photos: ‘Bobrisky Brother’ Arrested For Disguising As Lady At Lagos Night Club

bobrisky brother arrested lagos

Here is a big warning to all men who like everything under the skirt.

The guy in the video you are about to watch was caught at a night club as he dressed like a lady to scam unsuspecting men.

Apparently, he presented himself as a female sex worker but his voice gave him away.

He was forced to untie his clothes as his fake paper breasts fell off.

Watch the viral video below

Bobrisky was arrested in a similar manner years ago.

His own arrest story cracked us up as he used pure water as breasts..LOL.

bobrisky pure water breasts

2 thoughts on “Photos: ‘Bobrisky Brother’ Arrested For Disguising As Lady At Lagos Night Club

  1. Time to stand to those children of jezebel who feels like getting recognition by cross dressing will make us fall for same sex union.exact thing so called borisnky or whatever yeye name he bears.scammed a lot and now command gullible followership.let us nip this madness in the bud before human activist group start blasting us that we just abused his right to dress like a woman.nonsense

  2. These guys are sick,look at that so called bobsicky face and imagine how dirty his covered body will look like, they have mental issues.

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