Omoni Oboli Weight Gain Sparks Pregnancy Rumour

omoni oboli pregnant

Months after her pregnancy rumour died down, Nollywood actress Omoni Oboli’s renewed weight battle has sparked yet another rumour.

No doubt people who have spotted award winning cum seasoned actress Omoni Oboli lately will discover that she parades a remarkably different appearance. The dark skin and sexy mother of three boys is gradually losing that sizzling size 10 that her close friends and fans have always praised her for.

She has added extra weight on vital parts of her body. Not only is her stomach protruding a bit, her hips and chest area have become wider while her facial appearance seems to be heavier.

Still exuding the aura of a very beautiful lady, those who gave closer look at a recent movie premiere are in big dilemma between believing that Mrs Oboli is just adding extra weight now and wearing the look of a mother, and the rumor that her new appearance might be an indication of a woman who is expecting another child.

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