Boy, 17 Hangs Himself In Bauchi As 12-Year-Old Cousin Refuses To Marry Him

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May 16, 2016 – Boy Commits Suicide In Bauchi As 12-Year-Old Girl Rejects His Marriage Proposal

A lover boy has ended his own life in Bauchi state after a girl he loved with all his heart rejected his marriage proposal.

The victim identified as 17-year-old Usman Abdu reportedly took his own life on Friday the 13th of May around 9pm at Ganja, a village in Ganjuwa LGA of Bauchi state after a 12-year-old girl said to be his cousin turned down his marriage proposal.

It was learnt that Abdu hanged himself on a tree with a rope because he could not withstand the shame of rejection of his marriage proposal by a girl he loved.

14 thoughts on “Boy, 17 Hangs Himself In Bauchi As 12-Year-Old Cousin Refuses To Marry Him

  1. His actions were crassly stupid for two main reasons:

    1) He was too young and still had a whole life with greater opportunities before him.

    2) It was for the love of an under-age girl who probably knows no single thing about that subject.

    At the threshold of life, when he found himself dangling deperately between places, he must have regretted taking his own life before his spirit finally left him. Many of these Muslim paedophiles would have been facing this same rejection if not that they force the children into compliance, backed up by a wierd doctrine from the fire of hell.

  2. This is teenaged hormones working overtime. At seventeen he was a child himself and obviously could not handle the emotions evoked by disappointment.
    It is a pity that such promising young life is wasted.
    My condolence to the family
    RIP young man

  3. Chai! this boy must have eaten the forbidden fruit. What knowledge does a boy of 17years has about marriage? truth be told, this boy is a big FOOL. Since you have decided to take your own life, case closed. Continue to rest in pieces.

  4. No now!! The kid should have been tested after the engagement attempt, who at 17 wants to get married, this is bad, may his soul rest in peace

  5. This is somehow funny and at the same time very foolish of him. RIP we are nothing to judge/condemn you.

  6. @ 17 years, not only the age his cousin, Marriage. I keep asking myself what sodom and gomorah did that’s worst than this present day.

  7. Hmmm! Wot a story
    17 yr old hanged himself 4 d marriage proposal rejection by a 12 yr old girl..wonder shall never end..
    I wish no one mourn 4 d thing not even 4rm d family bcos he does not deserve dat..

  8. he is a stupid boy for killing himself b’cos of a rejection from 12yrs old girl. na by force to marry idiot

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