Boy Living With Parasitic Twin Gets Surgery


boy parasitic twin

June 14, 2012 – Boy Living With Parasitic Twin Gets Surgery

Deepak Paswaan was boy who lived most of his childhood days with his parasitic twin protruding outside his belly.

The innocent youngster was taunted and often called a devil because of his condition.

Deepak was born in Bihar, India and has spent most of his childhood life carrying around leg protruding from his stomach because his parents could not afford £50,000 surgery cost.

deepak 8 limbed boy in india

Deepak Paswaan, boy with parasitic twin

As fate will have it, a team of Bangalore Fortis Hospital doctors agreed to operate Deepak free of charge.

The surgeons removed the extra limbs protruding from this stomach and seal off blood vessels successfully.

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deepak after surgery

Can you imagine what this poor boy went through with the site of that monster limbs.

deepak surgery This is the true meaning of freedom

deepak india parasitic twins

Deepak with his family members

Thank goodness he is now a free man.