Buhari Is Still Alive: Mr President Looks Sick & Fragile In Photo Taken In London Today

buhari alive

January 27, 2017 – Buhari Is Still Alive: Mr President Looks Seriously Sick & Fragile In Photo Taken In London Today

To those who believe President Buhari has kicked the bucket, please note our Oga is still alive even though his condition seems critical.

Mr President today received Ogun state Governor Amosu and some guests in London.

President Buhari is expected to spend 10 days in London before returning home.

19 thoughts on “Buhari Is Still Alive: Mr President Looks Sick & Fragile In Photo Taken In London Today

  1. No matter what our country is going through in the hands of Buhari, wishing him dead is the last thing on my mind. He’s one of God’s creature just as we all are. The only thing I pray for is dat God shud turn his heart towards the direction of the masses. God bless Nigeria.

  2. Wetin Fayose de do Buhari is not dey good o. Is not dey good o. Buhari will not die, but live to poshuu pipul wey was tiff Nigeria money, and to tiff his own money also.

  3. If I were Buhari, I would promptly resign from that seat of the Presidency. I have reasons to beleive that our late President Musa Yar’Adua would have lived longer that 2010 if he was not sitting on that hot sit. I also believe that late Dora Akunyili may have lived longer if she was not involved in that national conference, at the expense of her deteriorating health. There are things that one shouldn’t do when plagued by certain diseases.

    ON THIS NOTE, I WOULD advice PMB to hand over the affairs of this very difficult country to another man and focus on his health, except, of course, his thirst for power is stronger than his desire to live.

    • Metu you suggested that this man should consider handing over to another man that is ok! may be because of his health which is in bad shape but Metu, whom do you think this man should give the baton to? can you mention just one person who can quickly take over the leadership position and give us the kind of changes we have be trying to experience?.

      Things may seem little bit harder for us now especially in terms of economic situation but No one should wish this man dead now because the death of this man will only bring more catastrophe to this nation and set us back for another 5 years or more because the corrupt people will have all it takes to continuing looting this nation’s dry.

      All I have been saying all along is, if we want to effect any positive change we must have a good substitute. Buhari may be a dictator to some people but he is far more better than unpatriotic opportunists who only want to see this great nation going through devastating recession.

      • @Jilo, no need asking who PMB would hand over to, except you want Osibanjo to fall out with you. It appears that history is about to repeat itself. I do not wish death on PMB; that is why I think he should resign and mind his health. To think that Buhari is the only man, out of over 200million people, who is upright and focused enough to rule this country at a time like this is like a pre-programmed, indoctrinated thought to me.

  4. My dear Aboki pls don’t mind the fools there are the enemies of this country, pray 4 him thats what God said. Imagine d stupidity of some of people to wish death for a presidency of there country. Up up up PMB .


  6. as they say what goes around come around……..buhari may is time you start dancing to the beat of the song you have been playing…….am not wishing you death because you self you be human being…….

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