Bus Driver Fighting Over Prostitute Stabbed To Death In Ijora Badia Lagos

bus driver fighting over prostitute stabbed to death ijora badia

January 18, 2017 – Man Kills Bus Driver During Fight Over A Prostitute In Ijora Badia Lagos

A man simply identified as Asunmo has been arrested and detained at SCID Panti Yaba for allegedly stabbing a driver, Fatai Sodiq to death.

The suspect reportedly engaged his victim in a serious fight when he saw him with his girlfriend who was a prostitute.

Despite denial from Sodiq, the suspect filled with anger was alleged to have stabbed him to death with a knife at the White Sand area of Ijora Badia.

The corpse of the deceased was abandoned on a refuse dump in the area before policemen from Ijora Badia  station evacuated the corpse.

6 thoughts on “Bus Driver Fighting Over Prostitute Stabbed To Death In Ijora Badia Lagos

  1. This is a passion matter and feelings run high notwithstanding the “imperfection” or otherwise of the person fought over. Men have been known to successfully marry the so called prostitutes and the ladies in turn have been known to make good wives and mothers so the public perception of the lady is irrelevant where love for her abounds in the heart of the man. Just one of life’s mysteries that love is not borne because of perfection or beauty but rather is in spite of imperfection .

    It is a sad story though.
    RIP to the dead.

  2. Asunmo deserves the death penalty. The other guy denied doing anything with his girlfriend snd he went ahead and stabbed him. Maybe because dhe is a prostitute he thinks any man stanfing with her is negoyiating for sex. What an irresponsible idiot.

  3. What madness? Is that the only woman left on earth? What did she carry that other women don’t possess? Also from being a prostitute, the place which is most delicate part of a woman that has become a market place for whoever has money to purchase. Why do men fight over a public utility? These men have no brains, their mothers need to sanctify their heads. Now one is dead and the other stands to lose his life, for taking the life of another. God help us.

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