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Businesses You Can Start With 10000 Naira In Nigeria: 7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Capital

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Businesses You Can Start With 10000 Naira In Nigeria: 7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Capital

What Business Can I Start with 10 Thousand Naira?

When it comes to starting a business in Nigeria, the first emphasis should be on determining the capital base, followed by other plans including the space where the business will be occupying, the initial setup cost be it #10000, #20000, #30000 or amounts greater than these.

There are various kinds of businesses you can venture into whether you have lots of cash at hand or little. If all you have is just the whopping sum of #10000, then you may want to consider what business will be suitable with that amount when it comes to starting up.

In starting up a business with as low as #10000 initial setup cost, you still have a chance to survive so far you can apply the working tactics into business. Although it’s expected to keep up to a sum of #50000 prior to starting any business, you can still make it to survival with a little sum of #10000 if you can plan well and ensure that you’re only venturing into what you’re 100% sure of.

While planning to start up a business of your own with such a little capital, then try and follow the suggestions below:

Businesses You Can Start with 10000 Naira in Nigeria

Below is a list of businesses you can start with 10000 naira in Nigeria:

  1. Car Wash Business: Are you interested in a car wash business but due to the high cost of setting up a standard car wash business, you’ve considered this impossible, right? Let me congratulate you because in a matter of hours from now, you can set up your own car wash business and get rolling right away with as little as 10000 naira.

Once you’ve got a hose, cool stream, soap and a piece of land to rent, you can get started straightaway.

  1. Beads Making Business: This is another lucrative business you can start right here in Nigeria with as low as a 10000 naira capital. For as long as Nigerians continue celebrating wedding and other beautiful ceremonies, jewelries will be needed and demanded and that makes the beads making business a lucrative one despite the low capital requirement.
  2. Dealing in Phone Accessories: So far Nigerians are phone lovers and we all know this to be true, phone accessories become one of the most promising businesses that do not require heavy capital but sell daily with a 100% guarantee.
  3. Hairdressing: Whether you have sufficient money to rent a shop for your hairdressing business or not, it still can be started even at the comfort of your home and may be expanded in the nearest future as things keep moving.
  4. Cake Making: As a cake maker, you don’t need much capital to invest into this business, but just little. With as little as 10000 naira capital, you can start a cake making business right here in Nigeria and make lots of money doing it at your own leisure.
  5. Selling Fairly-Used Books: This is a business that does not require much capital at all to start with. You only need little capital to buy some used textbooks and resell at a profit to book dealers.
  6. Selling Bulk SMS Units: This is another promising business with a low capital requirement but with a high profit potential in Nigeria.

7 Lucrative Businesses You Can Start with Little or no Capital

The following are lucrative businesses you can start with little or no capital in Nigeria:

  1. Furniture Making: This is a noble business most people (Including graduates) venture into in this part of the world. Once you have the initiative to build or make furniture in such a magnificent way, you’ll gain lots of customers and will make a lot of money.
  2. Printing of Recharge Card Vouchers: This is currently a trending business in Nigeria which most people have digressed into over the past years. Once you have your personal computer with internet facility, it is high time you started this lucrative business.
  3. Event Hall Planning and Decoration: As long as people will continue having occasions such as marriages, child naming, funeral ceremonies as well as birthdays, this business will remain promising and selling.
  4. Motor and Motor-Cycle Spare Parts Dealing: This is another lucrative business yet with a very low capital. With any reasonable amount you’re able to gather for starting up, you can purchase some common spare parts which sell faster in the market than others. As time rolls by, you’ll continue to grow your profitability and will surely survive.
  5. Being a Dry Cleaner: You can begin to dry clean once you have the time to do it for office workers like the bankers, accountants, doctors and others. You only need to beat down your price to keep your customers and earn a living.
  6. Selling Used Products: This is another promising business that guarantees money making and profitability so far you know how to order used products such as used cars, used motorcycles, used refrigerators and many others and retail.
  7. Graphic/Logo Design: In the online world today, logo design has become a sophisticated business and will continue to expand from strength to strength for as long as companies and industries will continue to operate on the web.

Top 5 Ways to Make 50000 Naira in Two Weeks with Just 10000 Naira

The following are some ways to make 50000 Naira in two weeks with a 10000 Naira capital:

  1. Plantain Chips Making: The making of plantain chips in Nigeria only requires little or no capital in the sense that you only need a few items such as a kerosene stove or cooking gas, groundnut oil, and some bananas. You’ll be able to make up to 50000 Naira or greater in less than 10 days if you can focus on what you’re doing well.
  2. Restaurant Opening: If you’re passionate about cooking or preparing fast foods for the people, then this would be another lucrative business for you. It does not require much capital too.
  3. Selling of Engine Oil: As far as all vehicles and motorcycles use engine oil for servicing, it follows that you can make substantial profits selling engine oil to motorcyclists and vehicle owners in Nigeria.
  4. Table Water Selling: If you’ve been planning to start a table water selling business in Nigeria, then you’ve been at the edge of venturing into a profitable business. It’s so promising and it has high profit potentials.
  5. GSM Repair Business: This is a sure business that pumps in cash consistently as most people carelessly drop phones on the grounds which makes it necessary to look for a GSM repairer or an engineer for immediate repairs. This business requires little or no capital.

For more creative business ideas, visit NaijaGists Creativity Column.

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