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How To Start Car Wash Business In Nigeria..Startup Capital, Equipment And Motivation Needed

how to start car wash business in nigeria

Starting A Car Wash Business In Nigeria Capital, Equipment And Motivation Needed For Startup

Are you planning to start a car wash business in Nigeria? Maybe you’re considering the fact that you’ll need a lot of money to buy certain materials like soap, water containers, and hose, right? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about raising some funds that will be required to buy the pumping machine which is the major equipment for setting up a standard car wash business.

The car wash business has been run even by some of our graduates in Nigeria especially the frustrated and jobless ones among them and they’re earning big from that business today. The number of cars washed per day determines how much money you’re going to make daily.

The profit you’ll make from a car wash business is enhanced in the sense that you don’t need to incur extra costs on materials at all. Profit takes more than 80% of the charge for washing each car at any car wash business center. So, with all indications, it’s a highly-promising business.

If you’re planning to start a car wash business in Nigeria, you need to take certain factors into consideration first lest you find yourself frustrated in the end. The following are factors to be considered when preparing to start a carwash business:

  1. Get the right mindset
  2. Prepare for 30000-50000 Nigerian Naira for the start-up capital
  3. Be fervent in service
  4. Maintain a good customer relationship
  5. Offer the best quality in service among other counterparts
  6. Be available at all times

 Get the Right Mindset

Aside from getting the right mindset in running a car wash business, you also need to get the same in almost all businesses in order to become prosperous .

You might have a particular reason for starting this business in the first place. It could be due to frustration or joblessness after years of graduating from the university yet without securing a job at all.

If there’s a specific reason for which you’re deciding to start this business, your imagination must change completely the moment you’ve made up your mind to go into it. This is necessary so that psychological effects will never reflect in the discharge of your services to the potential customers.

Once you can control your mind, you’ll successfully run the business  to profit. Psychological effects reduce your efficiency and the right spirit with which work should be done on time.

Prepare for 30000-50000 Nigerian Naira for the Start-Up Capital

With as little as #30000-#50000 , you can set up an appreciable car wash business and become really-successful with time. Once you believe you can achieve success, success is real and guaranteed for you. Although you may not be able to install the pumping machine right from the start with this amount due to the fact that you’re going to rent a shop or space near the streams for the business to flourish well.

At least, you’ll be able to get all the needed materials to get started such as detergent, hose, plastic drums or tanks as well as the payment for renting a shop or space where you’ll have access to the streams.

You don’t have to wait so long till you can start up with hundreds of thousands of Nairas before you can start running a car wash business in Nigeria.

“A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done”, ~ Cardinal Newman

In as much as you can still manage fetching water from the streams, the business can start and you may later buy the pumping machine when you’ll have made enough money.

Be Fervent in Service

Do you know that the culture of being fervent in service is much appreciated by most of these customers? Once they realize you take your work or business seriously, they’ll have rest of the mind to bring all of their vehicles to your car wash center.

When it comes to getting genuine breakthroughs in life, a secret formula for achieving this is being fervent in whatever you do with or for the people.

Maintain a Good Customer Relation

In becoming a successful business entrepreneur, good customer relation is one of the most determining factors to be put into consideration.

Customers keep coming back to wash their cars or vehicles at your shop when they realize they’re always treated well. This also applies to all businesses too.

If you properly learn how to deal with your customers fairly, you’ll have a lot of them hanging around at all times. They wouldn’t ever want to stop patronizing you at all times. Customers generally believe that it may be hard to come across such people who have good customer relations elsewhere.

Offer the Best Quality in Service among other Counterparts

For every business, there is always a competitor. You want to attract your customers so that they can be kept and impressed for as long as possible, right? Let the customers find the difference in you through the qualitative service you render to them from time to time.

When there is something so special and highly-promising about your service, customers will forever remember you for this particular thing and you’ll be continually patronized by such people.

Be Available at All Times

Your availability matters a lot to your customers. When they realize they’ll always meet you at shop, they wouldn’t want to go elsewhere. In fact, you won’t do the business too long when you’ll start going to the bank to deposit money into your account even on a daily basis.

Imagine the situation whereby a car owner drops by at a car wash shop and does not see anyone around! If this continuously repeats itself, you’ll lose a lot of such customers. To them, it’ll be as if your business is no longer functioning or, perhaps, you’re no longer operating. Resuming work early in the morning and returning late in the evening everyday will surely lead your business to the Promised Land.

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