Busted Hoax: Exhumed Body Of Muslim Woman Re-wrapped After Exhumation In Epe Lagos

muslim woman white cloth epe lagos

August 16, 2016 – Busted Hoax: Exhumed Body Of Muslim Woman Rewrapped Before She Was Reburied In Epe Lagos

A hoax went viral on Facebook about three days ago.

It was centered around the story of a Muslim woman who died back in 2002.

Those spreading the hoax alleged that the body of the woman was exhumed due to an ongoing construction project in Epe and that the white cloth used to bury her was never stained from 2002 to 2016.

A close family source informed one of our fans yesterday that the story was doctored by religious fanatics.

Our source said the woman was the younger sister to one popular Baba Elewo Omo Aka Baba Pupa.

Her husband reportedly own a mansion very close to RCM Primary school at Odomola in Epe.

Her remains was exhumed, re-wrapped and reburied at her husband mansion at Odomola.

The white cloth you are seeing here was not the one her family members used to bury her back in 2002, it was changed immediately after exhumation.

The hoax that first started from one Guru Adebambo is currently going viral on the social media.

muslim woman white cloth epe lagos