“Call Off ASUU Strike In One Week Or Get Sacked” – FG To Lecturers

asuu strike one week ultimatum

Nov 28, 2013 – “Call Off ASUU Strike Within One Week Or Lose Your Jobs” – FG To Lecturers

FG Vows To Sack ASUU, University Lecturers Over Prolonged Strike

The ongoing ASUU strike is likely to be over soon after the Federal Government gave ASUU officials a one week ultimatum to call off the prolonged strike today.

The strike started on the 1st of July 2013 over the non implementation of an agreement dated back to 2009 with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

After over 4 months at home, the student might be heading back to school any moment from now.

Reports coming from Abuja indicated that the FG has vowed to carry out a mass layoff of University lecturers who refused to yield to their commands.

The warning message was delivered to newsmen in Abuja today by Nyesom Wike, the acting Education Minister.

Wike said if ASUU officials didn’t call off strike before December 4th, they will lose their jobs.

Which side are you on? The Federal Government or ASUU Officials?

27 thoughts on ““Call Off ASUU Strike In One Week Or Get Sacked” – FG To Lecturers

  1. I will side ASUU officials anyday anytime
    The FG has no right to impose back to work without implementing the agreement they both signed in 2009
    This is unfair to them

  2. Hahahahahaha I’m not on any part but I wl b preparing my tins to go bak frm now on! Hahahahaha. DR. Nasir Fagge VS Mr. Jonathan!


  4. Assu pls let it be next years tins plsssssssss I beg una in the name of God, just flexing calabar now, pls don’t spoil this great high life I’m now

  5. Am strongly beside fed, dis is too much, problem of education sector cnt be solve at once is gradual process , fed has agree to release moni mk sure relevant sector sign an wait, bt asuu wnt their own way, for dem nt to lose anytin mean they ar nt rilly fighting 4 d student, dey gat to lose part of their salary move over dey dint work cos student an fed lose too

  6. All dis tins ASUU are doing na over sabi seriously most of dis lecturers are always in sch jst bcos dey are also tired of d strike, am nt supportiing FG cos d 2 of dem gt issh. D most painful part of dis strike is dat dos iinfrastruture dey fought for dey are nt going to implement it, imagine a state sch having AC in a lecture hall nd refusing to put it on nd student will b faInting cos of heat. We know d both parties are corrupt cos dat Nigeria motto (corruptn) why den do dey av to delay students cos of der selfish interest. It all bullshit some university are pulling out already nw

  7. FG should not use force, these lecturers aren’t stupid. FG should consider their position, quality and sound tertiary education is not something govt should toil with. Anyone saying the lecturers are going to be sacked is day dreaming, now i ask u “Mr Sack”, if you sack the lecturers without implementing this agreement; what good have u done to Nigeria? You people should stop frustrating the younger ones!

  8. Both parties know what dey r doing, un4tunately to d detriment of students! While theirs r schooling abroad. Why should dey sack without implementation?

  9. I am strongly beside fg,d govt av made dem d offer which will start next year,humbled himself and came to a prolonged meeting with them….are they mad???most of dis Asuu officials are muslims (boko haram incanates )dey are really against educatiom…fg if possible sack them all and employ new staffs

  10. abegi FG shd go n slp. Na nw they wat cum open eye? Students,if una start sch nw,una eye go ova-red. Bcuz lecturers go mk things difficult,startin frm sellin of handout,writtin of test. I dnt knw even talk abt examz,they go gt cash frm students o. Already,we r in dec,so they shd relax.

  11. ASUU pls surrender ur weapon it’s tym. Bur FG u guyz hv b 2 very careful o,u dnt jux wake up one day and breach an agreement u had wt Asuu.

  12. I think FG is joking, can’t they solve this problem? foxing them to go back to school without implementing the aggreement is wrong, threatening them that they will lose their jobs is also wrong, Mr president is there anything like strike during your school days? does it mean that this strike syndrome can not die in Nigeria? if yes that means that this sickness is going to curse more harm the more it stays, if their is an agreement please implement it so that this nation can move forward because agreement is agreement, our youths are tired of staying at home.

  13. Well dis is unfair’ if the federal govmt have sign an agreement wit assu in 2009 an they refuse to fulfill it is wrong, bcus they have no regard 4 educational sector an they have no interest to improve the nigerian educational system dat is why they sent their children to skuls over seas, if they president him self is not proud of his own skul who will? Hw many american politicians are sendin their children to skul in Nigeria? All those foreign skuls they sent their children to is it not they leadership of those country dat make it to be in a better standard b4 it attract them? Why cnt they do our own to be in a better position? Is only God intervention dat we need

  14. FG they mad….GJE so we shuld study dis december? Abegi make e let person rest….. C oct, nov, den how many days we go spend for skl way we dey go dis december….rubbish FG

  15. I’m on FG’s side. I’m sick n tired of this Assu madness called strike afterall all ASUU is doing is for their own interest to d detriment of d students. Its too much, they cant get what they want at once, its a gradual process, besides they r comparing themselves with the politicians, ASUU has really frustrated alot of student. Let them sack them afterall a million n one graduates r out there looking for jobs

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