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Cancer Fighting Power Of Carrots: Why You Should Eat This Life-Saving Vegetable Daily

how to prevent cancer with carrot juice

Cancer Fighting Potential Of Carrots: Why You Should Eat This Life-Saving Vegetable Daily

Various studies or research have been conducted on animals as well as humans to prove the cancer-fighting potential of carrots.

  • Prostate cancer

A study carried out by Havard’s Department of Nutrition showed that men who included foods rich in beta-carotene were at a lower risk of getting prostate cancer than those who did not.

  • For colon cancer

The beta-carotene content of carrots makes them beneficial for the prevention of colon cancer. In addition, the polyacetylenes in the carrots help in suppressing the growth of cancer cells in the colon.

  • Blood cancer

A recent study found that carrot juice is powerful enough to kill cancer cells in a part of the body as well as to prevent their spread to other parts of the body. This includes preventing the growth of cancer cells that are associated with leukemia.

  • For lung cancer

There is existing research that shows that smokers who eat carrots or at least include the plant in their daily diet for a minimum of once per week can lower their risk of getting lung cancer than those who do not.

  • Breast cancer

Women with the risk of breast cancer can also benefit from drinking carrot juice. This is because of the fact that carrots are rich in carotenoids which help in protecting the body from breast cancer.

How To Prepare Carrot Juice For Cancer Prevention

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  1. Anonymous

    March 2, 2019 at 11:36 PM

    Thank you so much. Since my co-worker died of cancer last month, I have been searching for the root cause of it.
    Please do you know what I and others can do to prevent cancer.
    Am so afraid. I don’t want to die

    • Dr Awalu

      March 3, 2019 at 8:26 AM

      Don’t allow d fear of cancer to kill you.
      Eat organic or natural food, watch your weight and exercise.
      Don’t eat too much fatty foods and stop taking too much sweet.
      Sweet feeds cancer cell.

    • Jilo

      March 5, 2019 at 5:08 PM

      Anonymous don’t be scare of Cancer just because your friend died of cancer. You may never die of cancer if you are not designedi to die through that route. Death is a necessary end for all human beings. We will all die of one reason or the other. Do not entertain any fear of dying from cancer. There are lots of people dying from other ailments too not limited to cancer alone.

      Nowadays since we human beings have changed from Plants foods to Grains over 10,000 years ago, we have exposed our body immunity to diseases like Cancer or Autoimmune disease, other Viral infection etc. Although you may be worried that why many people are dying of cancer nowadays than in the old days? The simple answer to this is Food. What we ingest as foods contributed mainly to aggravate cancer’s cell in our body. However, not medically accepted by medical experts but to be realistic, we must accept this fact. A renowned Medical Doctor has proven this but the World Medical Association has not jointly approved it as a major causes of cancer.

      Cancer is the second leading causes of death worldwide after Heart Diseases. HIV/AIDS is way way down to number 7or 8. That is to show us that people can die of Heart diseases, Cancer, Stroke, Diabetics, before HIV/AIDS people. What we think is a death sentence ailment is not. Let me quickly highlight 6 basic lifestyles that can trigger cancer in people’s body

      No.1 Constipation: If you have problem in making regular bowel or having difficulty in making bowel, you need to see your Doctor and/or change your diet. I believe your Doctor will tell you the same thing. You need to include more of plants foods in your diet, fruits and vegetables and eat a lot of fiber foods. Most of fiber food are of plant base. Some foods we love to eat in our Country such as Bread, Gala Coca-Cola, Rice, Sugar are the major causes of constipation. By cleaning our Guts system (Intestines) will help us to reinvigorate our body system. Most of the diseases in our body settle in our Guts (large intestine) and cleaning our Guts meaning we are eliminating some toxin/diseases in our body.

      2. Acidity in the Body

      Eating too much of sugar alone can distrust our body system for days and can help feeding cabcer’s cell. Sugar can play a major role in increasing our body acidity. Cucumber is an effective vegetable that can reduce body acidity. It is diuretic because it drains out excess sugar/salt from your body by making you urinate more.

      3. Lack of Sleep
      If you gave not be having enough sleep, it is time for you to change that habit. Sleeping alone can help our body cell to renew itself. Our immune system is at its peak when we sleep. Some damage cell in our body rebuild itself when we have a good sleep.

      4. Emotional Stress
      Try not to subject yourself in an emotional stressful way. Always ignore some certain things. Don’t worry yourself too much over a little things. Forgive and forget. When you thinking on going on vengeance mission you are also killing yourself emotionally.

      5. Sedentary lifestyle
      Try to move your body, do not sit down for by long time, do some exercise and drink a lot of water. Water alone is medicinal not Coca-Cola, Fanta or sugary drinks.

      6. Avoid Smoking and excessive Alcohol drinking. All these can trigger cancer cells.

      By observing the above six possible causes of Cancer you should not be worried of any imminent Cancer. Healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition are the antidote of not becoming a victim of cancer. I hope you will find this information helpful?

      Having saying this, I’m using this medium to pray for all Cancer patients. May God relieve them of cancer pain and may they all receive divine healing from God alimighyty. For those who are battling cancer right now do not lose hope. I have witnessed people with stage four cancer getting healing. Abstain from Sugar completely, change your diet, try to have Juicer and Juice some vegetables, some certain fruits and vegetables kills cancer cell. May God heals all of us.

      I’m not a Medical Doctor. My opinion is based on personal research and some incidences that I’ve seen around me.

      Thank you.

  2. Fifelomo

    March 3, 2019 at 8:58 AM

    Quite Educative, thank you.

  3. Rosy

    March 4, 2019 at 5:39 PM

    Once you drink lots of water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. sickness will run away

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