Chika Ike Announced She Has Divorced Her Husband Tony Eberiri

chika ike divorced husband

July 28, 2013 – Chika Ike Announced She Has Divorced Her Husband Tony Eberiri

Talented Nigerian actress Chika Ike has finalized her divorce case.

The actress told her fans via a quick Facebook update on Sunday the 28th of July 2013 that she has officially divorced her hubby, Mr Tony Eberiri.

chika ike divorced husbandChika Ike’s wedding picture taken back in 2006.

The now ex-lovers who married in 2006 separated in 2010. The actress started the divorce sometimes last year.

Read what Chika told her fans few hours ago;

“Hi Fabs! Thank you all for your love and support over the years…. It’s been an emotional journey and I want to officially announce to you guys that the court has granted me a divorce…. I am now officially divorced. Thanks.”

As controversial as her divorce case seems, the actress is very excited to have gotten the grant (free at last).

Let the dating game begin all over again.

36 thoughts on “Chika Ike Announced She Has Divorced Her Husband Tony Eberiri

  1. Well, she knows better of her actions for this. Because peace, joy and love are the best people one could spend his or her rest life with. But in the case where you can’t find them and you could not bring them due to lack of understanding and companionship, then you seek for them. May God show her the right direction of planning big to earn great in life time.

  2. IS DIVORCE NOW AN ACHIEVMENT THAT YOU GLADLY ANNOUNCE? Do you think your fans have been praying for your divorce that you are now thianking us?

  3. You not even ashamed announcing ur divorce? This is supposed to be a in ur mind not announcing it for all the world to know u are single. Is a pity

  4. Divorce is now d second name of Nollywood stars,infact they are all proud of divorce.whoever dat is planing 2 marry any Nollywood actress shuld desist coz d marriage is bound 2 CRASH.God have mercy on them since they think they can’t respect culture and be under a man! My question is wot impact do they want 2 create 2 dia fans? SHAME 2 THEM ALL,i no dy watch dia films again,hunger go waya una vry soon.

  5. I think she is seeking fame or wat.pls who is her fans..bad examples to womanhood..i already swtich to korean movies.cant waste my time with wench and pimps group called nollywood

  6. God said in the book of Malachi, “i hate divorce”. i think it is high time we think twice before we say “i do”. it is high time we ask ourselves, “why am i getting married”. marriage is honourable, we should accept to take the responsibility to make our marriage work before we get into it. it is not a pride to be married and it is not a shame to be single. i think it is even better to be a responsible single than jumping into marriage and jump out the next second. marriage is not a burden, it is meant to be enjoyed. Divorce case is becoming alarming. Nollywood actors/actresses, people watch you guys and see you as models, what kind of models are you – married today, divorce tomorrow???

  7. kudos to omotola jalade ekehinde for sticking to her one and only husband in good time and in perilous time. I pray for them, man’s wisdom will not be needed to settle any case that rise in their marriage but only God’s wisdom will always be available for them till death do them part in older age. Amen! For other nollywood stars especially female, i would advise you look and ask questions where necessary before any of you go into any marriage union, because marriage was meant for the matured people not for the grown up people. From my own point of view the purpose for marriage had been forfeited by our movies entertainers both males and females, it is no longer for better for worse, but for better i stay for worse we split; no longer one man one wife but one man different wives. Please lets build a high fence against these monsters called misunderstanding and divorce because God who created it says “I hate divorce”, so if we are truly in God’s likeness let us hate divorce. HEAL THE WORLD MAKE IT A BETTER PLACE OUR CHILDREN UNBORN. GOD BLESS NIGERIA, GOD BLESS NOLLYWOOD, GOD BLESS MEDIA. AMEN!!!!!!!!!! MR SAMUEL DAVIES.

  8. Wen ppl tk pride in anouncing divorce wit so mch excitment, wat other signs do u wish to c b4 u knw d end of d world is at hand?

  9. you are too sweet and sultry to get married do not allow men to damage the good skin you have got , just in the name of marriage, what you need is your baby dad , please you are too independent and too professional to live with a man who will turn you into kitchen porter, and a house keeper , you need to have your own space , hold on to your freedom . you have got everything you want . marriage is for women who are looking for someone to feed them, and you can feed yourself , what you need is a part time husband.

    • Mrs. Ohio,
      I am not surprised of the comment coming out from you to Chika. I know you and you have been sleeping around. You have become a public toilet. Shame on you.

  10. Good news for me Chika, i’m Single too pls lets start talking now i have ever been in love with you—-load i can’t wait

  11. Our so called movie stars especially the women are trying to out do the Hollywood women in divorce. Theres is not marriage but wife swapping. Marry today, divorce tomorrow and marry the next person. Our women copy the bad side of Hollywood. As for accolade and advise from Mrs. Ohion to Chika, antbody who knows Mrs. Ohio will not be surprised. I know her very well. She sleeps around a lot and has no respect to her man and herself. In certain circles here, they describe her as public toilet.

    • I slept with mr ohio yesterday i discovered that he was an impotent fighting the pillow. shame on you that you are not man enough, you need to hang yourself

  12. marriage is something to take serious but unfortunately this days people are just getting married just because their mates are married.

  13. So sad to see that happened,but now that you are telling us officially, may i use the same medium to officially indicate my interest in you please?

  14. all dis our actresses needs deliverance, all we hear now is marriage dissolution. she even had the gut to come openly to announce her divorce and shes excited abt it…welcome to the club of divorced actresses…’ve got no shame. u re a disgraced to womanhood.

  15. can nollywood actress let self ego die?
    if only actress of nollywood can kill dat pride of “i’m too much” all this divorce today divorce, tomorrow will stop from nollywood.
    is better you girls dont get marry at all than to be divorce………….
    pls………….. lets kill the self pride in us and be a women of virtue…

  16. From CHARLES. The Bible says:a man can inherit wealth frm his parent but good wife comes from the lord. Any man who need not to be embarrassed tomorrow need not to marry all roles actress bc even if she agree to quit after marriage they will fail for they will say how can i quit my profession ? Chioma Chukwuka is the only decent and God fearing girl i like her acting, she teaches a good moral lesson and plays to make heaven.until the movie industry realise to edutain the society not to escalate immorality, they will get ready for marriage desacred.

  17. pls my peole pray 4 ours douthers. they re all corrop. Hw there no go so. nollywood was like a histry & preching but now i concetred in village film bcos he ll make u to remember many thing. pls put dos girl into prayer poing Amen.


  19. Its very easy for the elephant to pass through the hole of niddl than the rich ones to enter the kindom of God

  20. she saw it rm d beginning bt kept a blind eyes.wen he was sleeping around nd she was fighting wit girls bcos of him,she still wen ahead to marry him or was she thinking that a man that sleeps wit anything under skate can change?well,thank God u came out well.

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